Military Radio and Boat Anchors
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RS-6 in a SAC Manual                    
RS-6 Receiver Spot Mod
FSE 38/58 Tune Up Instructions
FSE 38/58 Description and Helmet Antenna
FSE 38/58 New Squelch Addition
ARC-2/ARR-15 Connectors
ASH Receiver
27 Mc to 51Mcs Helical Antenna Conversion
AS-2259 Antenna Notes,testing, and mount
 FL-8 Range Filter
ARB Receiver Cover
ARR-41 Info
WIRELESS Set. No 19 Page
TRP-4 info
Hallicrafters OPS/FM-1B
D-1 Sextant Bubble Repair
Temp A-N Range Info
B&W T2FD Dipole
DAV-2 Wiring Mystery
Collins 18S-4 Info  
Oxford-Tartak N3B Receiver
TCS Equipment
Navy Model GO-9 Transmitter
BC-611 DF Info
AN-190 Antenna
LS-671 Speaker NEW
CN-690 GRC-109 Regulator     

AN/PRM-34 Test Set      NEW
Flak Bait         NEW



BC-611 "B Plus" Battery Box
BA-48 Battery Rebuild
PRC-6 Battery Box
BC-611 Filament Battery Pack
BC-611 Inverter Power Supply
DELCO 5300 Battery

PRT-4 PRR-9 Battery
BA-5847 Battery


PRC-47 Variable Tune Mod ( revised)
RS-6 Receiver Spot Mod


Military Collector Group Post Backmail           
PG-102 Back Up Comm
K4CHE Military Field Table
K4CHE Mini-Chart Table
K4CHE  Delaware Radio First's

SAQ Reception
Ole Max's Tips
Zorro's Field Day Buddies
Zorro's Gang Photos
SGC Connector ID?
Mystery WWII Antenna?
DF Loopstick Construction

RF-301 manual pdf file



Ed Biter's, NS3E, Shack(s) and Key Collection            
New Key  Added June May 2013
The Great Fantini's






An Easy way to Mount 3 Pin Regulators             
Work Shop Practices
Weller Solder Gun Phenomenon
Converting HC6 pins to FT-243
Tool for Matching Strange Loads
FT-243 Conversion
866 Test Jig
811 Repair
Tube Extenders
Viking Relay Connector
RF Ammeters
Antenna Switch    NEW

   HBR-14 Receiver Construction



MRCA Meet Gilbert 2013
Moose and Squirrel Net 2014
Field Day 2014

MRCA Meet Gilbert 2012
MRCA Meet Gilbert 2011
Titanic Special Event April 2012
Ft. Miles Delaware April 2012

Aberdeen May 2012
Georgetown 21 April 2012
Ft. DuPont - Ft. Miles BC-611 Test
Ft. Mott -Ft. Miles Ground Wave Test Oct 2011
Moose and Squirrel Net Oct 2011   
MRCA Meet Gilbert 2010
Aberdeen 2010
Aberdeen 2009
Ft. Miles Delaware 2009
MRCA Meet Gilbert 2008
Marconi MRCA Mini-Meet 2009
Aberdeen MVPA Rally 2008
MRCA Meet Gilbert PA 2007
Marconi-MRCA Mini-Meet-2007
K4CHE Field Day Ops 2008
MRCA Meet Gilbert 2006
MRCA Meet Gilbert 2005
Reading Air Show 2004

             Events Continued              


Jeff's Fire Truck
Jerry's M38A1  
Jeff Ciccone's HUMVEE
Wright Pat Radio Jeep

Zorro's M151A1

KD6TKX Navy Radio WWII
N6CC Military Radios
IGORS, UA6HGY Russian sets
VK2DYM's Mil Radio and Radar 
Early Naval Communications 
East Coast MRCA

West Coast MRCG

K2WI's Navy Radio Pages
Al's Page   (home brew,spy radio, military radio
Radio Room (Be sure and read
and select "Reading Room".

B-29 Radio Project      
Twin Beech Radio
Ray's KA3EKH Page

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