K4CHE HBR-14 Page  

     These pages are dedicated to Ted Crosby W6TC who took the time to inspire and lead us down the road of receiver construction. His simple yet elegant construction techniques have helped hundreds- perhaps thousands of builders over the years build an outstanding receiver with excellent sensitivity and selectivity. His original article was published in the July 1957, QST   

I choose the HBR-14 for my first HBR project because it was the original receiver and was the beginning of a series of receivers. The receiver utilized 14 tubes but the circuits are straight forward and each tube is dedicated to just a single circuit except for the Det-AVC-Audio tube stage which uses a standard well published circuit.

          HBR-14 schematic scanned from July 1957 QST page 12.


 My special thanks to W2DGB, Bill Fizette HBR receiver collector extraordinaire , Past Antique Wireless Association President and current AWA receiver editor. Bill's help and advice in building this receiver is very much appreciated and several of the parts utilized in my HBR-14 came from Bill's "shed".


          Thank you Louise my sweet heart for your patience and love - - - - who first saw me as KN4CHE walking on Slashes Road in Lexington carrying a 1 tube (3A5) two meter transceiver with earphones in place and T-17 mike in hand.


                                            Q and A


                              HBR-14 Schematic with "Feedback" changes  


                                   a. Tuning Capacitor Selection
                                   b. IF coil selection

                                   c. BFO coil selection and BFO construction.
                                   d. Misc Photos and Notes.
                                   e. Main Chassis Selection and Construction.
|                                  f. Band Coils and Alternate coil Forms        

                                   g. Testing during Construction.   

                                   h. Cabinet Construction.