? ? Mystery Antennas ? ?  

              I have questions but no answers. The photo below was in a batch of W.W.II photos. The photo was labeled bastresuppsg.jpg

            This was too easy - - -  I've posted some of the most correct ANSWERS BELOW Photo



              Q. What is the nomenclature? What system?

            Q. Are they 3 element beams, I don't thing they are capacitive "hats" for improved radiation on a vertical?
           Q. What frequency are they? Judging from the size of the elements my best guess is VHF approximately 60 to 70Mcs.  Lets see .        .        .         468/F     468/60Mc= 7.8 or all most 8 feet feet for a driven element.         
           Q. Why are they horizontally polarized instead of vertical for low band VHF ops?
           Q. Perhaps the two antennas are part of a relay system as the antennas are appear to be pointed in opposite directions.
           Q. I don't think they are part of a navigation system for the aircraft as the antennas would be omni in configuration - - - but ?


                    Here is your answer: 73, Bruce WA8TNC --------------------------- From "World War in Photographs": "This picture shows a re-supply drop in Bastogne, Belgium, during the Battle of the Bulge, late 1944. The Allied forces were cut off during the German siege of Bastogne, and in great need for supplies." "The vehicles of the Signal Corpsare easily recognizable because of the big spools of telephone wires on the back of the trucks. The antennas indicate an on board AN/TRC-1 telephone relay system in operation, a full duplex radio system, using the R-19H/TRC-1 receiver and T-14H/TRC-1 transmitter around 100 MHz, used to extend telephone line connections. A multichannel system was available to transmit up to eight telephone lines over one radio connection."  
                That looks like the antenna for the AN/TRC-1 relay set. Used later in WW2 including the Ardennes battle, according to this: http://louise.hallikainen.org/BH/uploads/RadioRelay.pdf Around 70 to 90 MC, 40 watts, fm. RX and TX came in nice wooden cases for field portability. There were remote control units too. One of the ham magazines ran instructions for conversion to 6 meters. Bill W8FIX              NOTE PHOTO NEXT FROM THIS ARTICLE. Thanks for the great link Bill.  
              Antenna System AS-191/TRC-1. Antenna Extension Kit MX-UII/TRC-1. 73, Bruce WA8TNC  


     As per Bill W8FIX reference here is an excerpt shown below from "Radio Relay In the Beginnings, From a Historical and Personal Viewpoint. With an Emphasis on Microwave Relay. by Leonard H. Anderson - March 2005

                                    There is even a set on ePay.