K4CHE Fort Miles Operations
                                  28-29 April 2012

Mission Objective Primary: Support the   261st Coast Artillery Re-Enactment group at Fort Miles, Delaware. I was invited to setup my WWII military radio equipment during their April 2012 meet in conjunction with the Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club of Seaford, Delaware . This meet also celebrated the delivery of one of the 16 inch gun barrels that was utilized on the Battleship Missouri.

Missions Secondary: Evaluate the Fort Miles area for noise levels for future communications between Ft. Miles and Ft. Mott on 3.5 to 4.0 Mcs. In addition determine if Ft. Miles would be a suitable "portable" location for the Christmas Eve reception of SAQ from Grimeton, Sweden on the very low frequency of 17 Kcs.
          Last successful reception attempt of SAQ December 24th 2010.

Missions Tertiary: Check into the "Moose and Squirrel Cold-War Clandestine and Long-Range-Reconnaissance-Patrol Net" with the NCS N3FRQ stationed at the Sussex Military Vehicle Show (see page 3) and keep a CW schedule with K2WI.

               Detail of Ft. Miles and the 261st Coast Artillery Re-Enactment organization can be found at:   


    My operations and demonstration of WWII radio equipment during this event is another example of the cooperation between Military Vehicle Collectors/Re-Enactment groups and Military Radio Collectors.

Many thanks to:

Mr. Jason Garver
261st Electronics and Telephone Maintenance Chief
Battery Display Planner
Gun Crew, and many other assignments.

Anthony Valenti
Company Clerk 261st Coast Artillery re-enactors
Fort Miles, Del.



              Fort Miles is located at Cape Henlopen near Lewis Delaware and was one of several artillary batteries in place to guard the Delaware Bay. Miles is problably most noted for the assistance of the capture of the German Submarine U-858.
          WWII U-858 Information

                          Fort Miles barracks and HQ complex
                       from Observation tower #7    

                        Front Gate Crew

                            Front gate video

            Every installation needs a PX.
         Jason KB3ATV(left) stopped by during K4CHE's initial setup.

       I love the Germans, they always have something cooking.

                              German display Video

            Sarge and a  Civilian Constable
               Ready for inspection?


               Mummy, a terrible sleeping bag, even with the several
different exterior covers, or you just used a ponco or shelter half.



   All the comforts of home. Does this make you home sick?

                                 All ages were present.    
                Americans have a extremly short memory span.

           BC-611,- - -Not mine but on display. I saw several and
I don't think any of them were functional.

           Guess who got the "Dear John"?

           Daily Bulletin came out "daily" and contained duty rosters for the installation.

     The switchboard was manned and fully operational.
                    Officers Quarters.
                  Officers Chest.
              The New Deal grew, and grew and . . .

               This young troop was proud of his coat that he found at
a garage sale.

                   My GN-45 with a "conversion" for the BC-474.
CAUTION: When displaying these gen sets do not leave them unattended.
Very dangerous once those handles start in motion, a lot of "mechanical" energy swinging around.

              K4CHE display ready for 10:00 Saturday opening. During set up
with this group you bring what you will need, all civilian vehicles have to be parked outside the compound at 09:00 in the morning
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