MRCA Gilbert Meet           2007



                               MRCA logo by N3FRQ


Date: 22-23 September 2007

OL: Gilbert, PA ( 40-54N 075-27 W )

Mission:  Displays, Field Exercises, Night Lantern Activity, Presentations, MVPA Flea Market,MRCA Flea Market, Military Vehicle Show, Evening Morale Meetings.



OIC: Steve, N3NNG
OIC:Dale, KW1I
Communications: Ted, W3PWW
Field Operations: Dale, KW1I
Morale and Recreation Officer: Dale, KW1I
Navy Radio Liaison Officer: K2WI, Rob
Illumination Officer: Brown W1NZR, Brown

"The Military Radio Collectors Association, organized in 2000, is intended to bring together people with a genuine interest in the subject. It is an outgrowth of the Old Military Radio Net AKA East Coast Military Radio Net that meets every Saturday at 05:00AM ( Eastern time) on 3885Kcs in the 75-meter amateur band." In addition a CW net is held at 2100 (Eastern) on 3570 each Sunday evening.



     Attending the Military Radio Collector Association rally also means that you are going to see a lot of Military Vehicles, Surplus Items, Collectors items and best of all your military radio buddies. --- The MRCA Rally is held in conjunction with the  Red Ball Military Transport which is an affiliate of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association.     

             Next Event Info:

The next MRCA Rally will be held on 18-20 September of 2008. "The event will, once again, be held in conjunction with the Red Ball Military Transport Annual Rally" Intel can be found at : http://www.mrca.ar88.n


                        The Rally is held at Gilbert PA

     The Rally site is held at the Gilbert PA fairgrounds which is located in a valley with lots of rolling terrain. You may camp on site with excellent facilities. Motels are available.
               Here is a link to Mapquest.   Gilbert, PA Mapquest

             Note: Click to enlarge pictures.  
                      Ted W3PWW, the MRCA  NCS unpacking the famous Retro Rocket power supply for the GRC-19 headquarters station.  
      Thursday morning the early arrivals or those that camped out Wednesay night begin their setup, Dale, KW1I does some emergency repairs.  


            .   N3FRQ makes a quick contact on 5373 Kcs SSB.

        Note: 5373 (dial frequency 5371.5) is rapidly becoming the unoffical SSB calling channel for MRCA members.



        There are a lot of pages of photos,videos, and remarks. But if you want to skip around here are the links:

Field Excercise



    Al's set on 51.0 which was guard channel for the arriving members.

"It's a Collins 628K1. It was intended as a PRC-77 replacement: 30-88Mhz, 25Khz channel spacing, 9 memories, plus frequency-hopping capability. Collins didn't get the contract, and sold the design to Datron. It lives on, in modified form, in the international market as the PRC-1088."

       Al's work shop.  
          Brown arrives sporting a new comm truck.
     Steve gets a quick tour.  

   Dale unpacks his well equipment ambulance. This truck is great as a convoy lead vehicle to Studebakers Resturant for the Friday night dinner.

Equipment line up: GRC-9 / DY-88 GRC-106, Mackay MSR-8000 PRC-77 / AM-2060, sleeping accomdations.



 Al begins a emergency battery pack project.
            More later.

      Fleamarket started filling up on Thursday afternoon.  
                       John, K1KHP sets up his antenna .
      John wastes no time getting on the air.
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