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    18 October 2011, excellent conditions. My operation was in a field using a 87 foot half wave antenna fed at the end using a home-brew "Fuch"antenna matching unit. The Fuch matching unit is specifically designed for a half wave wire. I will continue testing the Fuch circuit
and publish any problems if they are found.

     Additional equipment consisted of a PRC-70 with external audio amplifier and a ME-61 field strength meter. I have tested the Fuch's
matching unit for several hours and find it very functional and easy to
use. I did use an external FS meter for final touch up and to confirm
the presense of RF.

  Link to the Fuchs Half Wave Wire Antenna Tuner via DL2FI


      Initial Call Up by N3FRQ

     My  Equipment in use and K1JHM's transmission.