Range Slides Used at MRCA 2005
              One of my favorite Range Diagrams.
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     The first loop range

    This slide was made from a sketch
 by Clete, WB2CPN

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    An excellent example
of using two range legs
for a fix along a
West Coast Airway.


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The aircraft is using three range
stations to get orientated and find out
which leg of Toledo he is on.
The coffee grinder is really cranking
on this one as he tunes back and forth.
And then rechecks.

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A nice example of another two range fix en route to Bennett
from out over the ocean
Can you imagine coasting in from over water and
trying to get orientated before RADAR?

Note the tower frequencies of 388 and 3295, 388 is
all most too close to the range frequency of 379 Kc.
But in this case it did not require a lot of cranking.

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    A nice two range fix example approaching ADAK
from the North. The yellow area depicts a sharp turn in the
airway which takes a little skill to stay on course. Lots
of cranken.


      VHF Range listing
This section of my "Flight Deck" has only one Low Frequency receiver presently installed.
So we have to crank back and forth to get a decent fix.
An additional "navigation rack " has to be constructed to form a T with the racks that are shown.
We are disoriented but we keep our seat belt
fastened at all times in case of turbulence.