Tools for Matching Strange Loads
     One of my favorites is a board with old fashion Fahnestocks Clips attached. Show is a tapped coil and a fixed capicator.
    High power experiments require a higher voltage Capacitor. Leads with terminal making changing values easier.

   Field Strength is Field Strength. . .
Always confirm your best match with maximum field Strength...

ME-61 is shown, a good way to improve the ME-61 sensitivity is
to remove the 1 ma meter and replace with 50 or 100 uv meter.

Another way to improve the meter is add an internal amplifier.


  Typical Field Strength meters, simple to build.
   Several section of the capacitor can be tied together
with clips or using terminals under the knurled knobs.

   Another favorite test board

    The small 6 uH variable inductor is used
when attempting to adjust the inductance in very small amounts Once I arrive at a good setting I put it on the impedance bridge to obtain a value.

    A clip helps to short out windings.
  A gaggle of tools.

    I've used this portable inductor on a lot of matching jobs.

    200 pf Variable with clips

    Experimental tuner that can be
configured for a L network, Pi, T network,
or just use the inductor or any capacitor.


     The tuner roller inductor is above ground
mounted on a piece of lexan.

    It easy to change configurations on the
tuner input cap using knobs and terminals.
    Quick way to check jumpers and cables, put a fixed resistor on the end and measure resistance.
     A megger is a better way to check for faulty line and connectors.

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