Weller Soldering Iron Magnetic Phenomenon

     It seems that every time I acquire a NOS (New Old Stock) Weller soldering gun at a hamfest and use it in the shop there seems to be some sort of magnetic attraction between the device and the concrete floor. No matter where I place the new soldering gun on the work bench, the gun will eventually slowly drift off and plummet to the floor resulting in a broken housing.


    Model D-550, 275 watts.


    The attraction between the concrete floor and the soldering gun is a mystery and this always occurs within the first two or three days of usage.  After a subsequent repair using black tape this magnetic attraction between the gun and the concrete floor seems to dissipate and the iron stays put and never drifts off the edge of the bench again.  I am wondering . . . When I bring the gun home from the hamfest - - - maybe I should just go ahead and drop the gun on the floor in a controlled manner - - - perhaps reducing the overall damage and then enjoy the magnetic immunity that results from the impact.  


       My weapon of choice is the dual heat Weller D-550 rated at 200/275 watts, does a fine job on just about everything and supplies plenty of heat.    BTW my repair procedure utilizes 3M Linerless Rubber tape, much better than the average black plastic tape.