This page contains information on fabricating a replacement antenna insulator for the BC-611.

Damaged insulator and replacement






                 Make a trip to the local home supply store and look in the plumbing section for various fittings, shown above is a Nylon Hose Bard that fits a standard 3/8 inch plumbing fitting.


             Two versions of the fabricated insulator can be made. One with the collar and one without. Shown above we just used the threaded portion without the collar.

         Look in the plastics section for 3/8 ID to 1/4 in MIP (Male Iron Pipe) hose fittings.

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         A comparison of the plumbing fitting to a later model BC-611 insulator and a US made #2 pencil.


                    The diameter of the narrow end is about 3/100 smaller than the larger end to facilitate a good pressure fitting during a plumbing installation. You have two choices either cut the fitting above the collar to include the collar in the replacement insulator or cut just below the collar.

                 In this example the cut was "below" the collar. The narrow finished end is on the right. The threads of the "cut" end will be cleaned up and inserted into the top of the radio.

                          No collar "Narrow End" exposed and painted black.

         In this photo the "finished" Narrow End is exposed to the top of the radio and the wider cut area of the fitting has been inserted into the radio after the threads were cleaned up. Don't paint the portion of the fitting that goes into the radio. Don't paint the antenna.

             Testor's make a good flat paint for plastics or you can visit the "dollar" store and pickup some fingernail polish which is a very rugged enamel.

              A coping saw can be used but a small razor saw would be better. I could not find my razor saw and and if you ever visit my shop you will understand why.
                                                        Collar left on.

         Example above the "collar" was left on and the flats rounded with a file.





              The BC-611 is a great radio at Military Rallies and Events. Directional Finding events have been held recently and are slowing becoming popular. A small transmitter on 3.885 can be seen in the photo above.


           A Rally photo above. The BC-1306 and the BC-611 make a great demonstration combination.

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