The following pages contain shots of my M151A1 and the installed radio equipment. Many of the pictures were taken at Air Shows,ham fests or Military Meets where the "radio jeep" was on display.


.    How do you acquire a jeep? Well this one came from Government Surplus AKA DMRO at Dover AFB and was owned by several individuals and then sold to a local AM radio station. I happened to be working on a project out at the station one day and heard about the jeep for sale. Since the manager of the station was a ham, the deal was done. Thanks Jim S. Then I got interested in the "Green Radio" equipment and then became addicted to black wrinkle paint and its been down hill every since

Looks lonely at 0545 but we are ready for the Air Base gates to open and start today's mission an airshow.


     Nothing like a ring side seat at the Air show.

   The Dover AFB runway is behind the the hangers but It was not necessary to send out a NOTAM for the antennas. The Shakespeare fiberglass antenna is only up 35 feet, I left out a couple of sections.

    The antennas, the far left with the spring is an unknown VHF antenna that I used on the PRC-2500 for local amateur repeaters.Next is the low band and on the right are the Lowband and HF. The jeep top has been modified for summer use.



I like the PRC-47, this one has the K4CHE incremental tuning modification. See link below.

  Zorro takes a break during the airshow. The bee hive activity will be checked later.

A typical airshow display. The black marks on the ground were footprints left by alien spacecraft stabilization pads the night before.


    Another shot of the PRC-47 installation
  Field phones are a popular item at the Air Shows, one phone was mounted on the front bumper and the other one on the rear and connected via twisted pair.

   The GRC-9 equipment was on display at the May MVPA meet near Aberdeen Maryland. Now we can play the game, what doesn't belong in the picture?

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             K4CHE PRC-47 Tuning Mod