Aberdeen Rally 2015 K4CHE



Early arrival at Aberdeen to avoid the crowd. "You can't hang enough stuff on a jeep." My "Emergency Transport System" AKA ETS can be seen mounted on the rear.

Nothing like driving a M151A1, video link below.

              Enroute to Aberdeen Video





   K4CHE After Action Remarks: Quite a show with the WX condx many times better that CAVOK mostly clear skies and reasonable temperatures. I drove my M151A1 up from Chickenland and set up using a 25 foot AT-1011 antenna mounted on the rear of the vehicle and used the K4CHE center loading coil modification, threw a generator belt on the Mutt as I arrived but my large alternator-fan system uses 3 so just adjusted the tension to get rid of the horrible noise and ran on 2. Those attending just to mention a few calls that I wrote down. Tom N3AJA, Ole Buzzard Rich W2OBR, Bernie W3OWE, Joe W3KJT, Mark KD3ZK, Dave KB3ELD,Steve N3NNG, Mike W1AMR, and the famous Steve Roberts K3BVI. Sorry to say Jeff KG2BZ had to CNX at the last minute and was missed by all - - - Jeff's flea market partner Jason took good care of me and helped me with the vehicle repairs. Spent a lot of time talking with Dave and Mark and enjoyed the shade of their very large flea market space. Had to kid Mark about his not bringing his WWII jeep he recently restored. And its Mark's fault that I wound up with the Pogo Stick RF section so down the slippery slope I go. Mark and Dave are walking-talking WWII radio encyclopedias. My check into the M and S net Saturday was OK, signals were good and for some reason every time I use the AT-1011, I can hear Pete an S unit or 2 higher than at my home QTH. Hard to make an brief statement on everything I saw as the place is a visual overload for me as my interests include vehicles as well as electronics but have to mention the R-389/URR receiver (15 to 1500 Kcs),PRC-41's were $50, TCS stuff for $50 a pop,ARR-7 for $100 but went cheaper, all sorts of WWII Navy gear. Pogo Stick RF assemblies(B models) brand new in the box for $50 and I had to buy one. Think I will stuff some crystals in it and power it up for the Sunday Night CW net keying the oscillator section. And last but not least an F-86L instrument panel complete (the L was loaded with avionics and turned into an interceptor). Saw a nice CRV and RBC receiver. Spent an entertaining 10 minutes with a flea market gentlemen who was set up selling vehicle parts and had a nice $10 BC-221 for sale , he explained that the BC-221 did work and that he used it this winter to monitor the control tower and listen to the WX broadcasts up in Vermont. And have to mention Bernie's PRC-1/VRC-1 radio which I will have photos available later. Bernie snagged a nice antique crystal set WWI era. And also have to mention his XM1147/SAV vehicle with photos which will also be available later. Great meet, hanging out with your radio buddies and playing radio, it doesn't get any better than that. Drove home with the side doors off and enjoyed the air and sunshine. Stopped at Summit KEVY on the way back and walked the tarmac for a while and that brought back many memories. I do miss it so.     

     During the meet we monitored 29.6 using the Red Flag portion of the 524 and the usual push of 51.0. And the usual check into the Moose and Squirrel net on 5.357.   29.6 Mcs FM is becoming a very popular frequency for meets here on the East Coast and may become as popular as 51.0.




    These are my personal photos and comments and do not represent any particular group or organization.


                     W2OBR makes a quick call on the 51.0 push.

               My trusty APRS box which has survived many meets and rallies. The "TNC" is one of the original MIC- Encoder "MIC-E" prototypes used during "Beta"testing. The radio is a GE Custom MVP.    This APRS system box hides underneath the right seat and is powered by a Astro 24-12 converter that converts the vehicle 24 volts to a regulated 13.8 volts.


               Interior of the GE Custom MVP 2 way VHF radio. Messy but functional. Had a request to have a functional mobile here in Delaware so I built the entire system in an afternoon. Many years ago. Funny how things that are thrown together always seem to last forever. The Motorola Encore GPS is underneath.





           The hood is used as a radio position . Common practice "In Country" when USAF ALCE were controlling an air strip.





            The "Slave" connector makes a handy 24 volt source Note the terminal painted red to help prevent those little mishaps.





           My "Emergency Transportation" comm system uses the push of 51.0.





                                Early setup allows time to hit the flea market.



                    The AT-1011 with a slightly modified center section. More details later.





         On the copilot side of the jeep. My copilot who who sat up front with me in the yellow turboprop that I was flying SP and put in those magic "numbers". I do miss it so.



                          My Delco 5300 being powered by a British hand crank generator.

                             The power converter box provides all the necessary voltages to the Delco 5300. You can uses the converter on any 24 volt power source.

               And the best part about my "Delco Power Converter" is the external key jack so that you can use a standard phono plug.


             At Aberdeen you " you never know what is gonna walk though that door." Above is an ejection seat and instrument panel from a F-86D "Interceptor". Would make a nice display in the "Operations Center" - - - but I am running out of room.

                       "Hand grips raised - triggers squeeze."


           Looks like the latest altimeter but that attitude indicator is too small for my eyes. The Turn and Slip indicator is all most as large which probable reflects instrument rationale of the day.

          This L2B flight suit goes with it. Note the tab above the left pocket for the oxygen hose clamp.
       For a while we tried nylon flight suits and jackets - not good in a fire but they looked great at the Stag Bar.


          Tom Bryan N3AJA with a nice purchase and with canvas.

             Never could figure out why the USAF called these bags "B-4" bags. When ever my wife saw the bag out of the closet she knew it was another mission.

                 W3WOE the "Phantom of Smyrna" with his PRC-1/VRC-1 display

                  Video W3OWE XM1147 vehicle

                        The comm range depends on the operator, temperature, humidity. But is limited to line of sight.


                                          Lots of radio gear for sale. But $50 for PRC-6 might be a little steep. "Surplus Al" once sold PRC-6's at the Howard County Ham Fest for five bucks a pop. He had tables stacked with them. We do indeed miss Al W3UGD.


                http://www.Albert J. "Surplus Al - W3UGD" Yascavage


                               Would be nice to have the amplifier.

                                               Nice installation.

                                          Interesting combination of items.

         "I got here late and missed all the good deals." "Joe W3KJT beat me. . .



                              Joe W3KJT considers an F-86D instrument panel purchase.




                           Nice gen set. I am looking for the G-76 generator that you pedal. Joe Munson has one and I asked him for pictures. Joe?


              Steve Finelli W3NNG had an excellent flea market setup

                        Just a few items on one of Steve's tables. Note the microphone for the BC-474 and the "Bath Tub" key.


                      "Joe beat me to the flea market and got all the good deals."

                            Some of "Radio Bunkers" equipment for sale.

                               Video Radio Bunkers OL

                     "You can't hang enough stuff on your jeep" k4che .


                 One of my favorite modes.




                                   "We got here late, Joe W3KJT got all the good deals."

             K4CHE and the famous collector "30 Caliber Tracers Over The Canal" Steve, K3BVI


             "Yes Sir". "   "She works",   The seller said. " "I used it during the snow storm this winter to monitor the local AFB tower frequencies and to listen to the WX broadcasts up in Vermont".    10 bucks and she is yours."

        I was tempted as there are many many uses for the BC-221:



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