Mission: Rebuild a BA-48 battery with off the shelf (OTS) batteries using 9 volt and 1-1/2 volt D cell batteries. Well don't be surprised what did you think I was gonna use? 3 volt lithium batteries?

BACKGROUND INTEL: The BA-48 is becoming very scarce and even if it can be found it is often in a very "weak" condition. By rebuilding the battery with OTS battery holders you can replenish this battery any time you want to.


WARNING: I have had several reports of Energizer and other brand batteries overheating when used in parallel. Please make sure that the batteries that you use are fresh, same date code etc. I suggest testing them for equal voltages under load before using them in the battery pack. I would not mix different brands of cells. Some of the overheat reports resulted when the Energizer C cells was used. During periods when your BA-48 is not being used
I would remove the cells that are in parallel.

Please read Energizer's Product Safety sheet at: http://data.energizer.com/PDFs/carbonzinc_psds.pdf

   The BA-48 battery was a fairly robust unit and supplied a B+ voltage and a filament voltage. Lots of folks asked me at the MRCA 2003 meet at Gilbert about my battery powering the GRC-109 which was set up in "Zorro's Houch"   (See note below)

NOTE: The term "Zorro's Houch" was originated by N3FRQ.   If you do not know what a "houch" is then ask me next year at the MRCA meet and I will be glad to explain it to you. A link to the MRCA is at the bottom of this page.

   Start off the project by carefully opening the top, cut the top of the battery on three sides so that one long side of the original box acts as a hinge. Then pull the old A and B packs out of the container. Don't tear up the container. Take the A and B packs to your nearest battery dealer for proper disposal after all we don't want to contaminate the garbage dump.
Click here if you would like to see more photos of the interior of the BA-48
     I reinforced the original cardboard outer sides of the BA-48 cardboard package with light plywood stock using the cardboard removed from the interior of the battery as a pattern.  





   The ends were also reinforced.                                                          


After reinforcing all four walls I put three D cells in the bottom to check for clearance and then fabricated a second cover to go over the D cell package . . . the second floor is supported by the steps shown.

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An article on "Saving Old Military Batteries by LTC William Howard is posted on the Army Radio Sales site.
                        Army Radio Sales

If you are looking for BA-48 batteries, Fair Radio still has BA-48's for sale in a "weak" condition. Click on the link and then do a "search" for the BA-48. (include the dash)                       
                       Fair Radio

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