NOTE:Please see "Electric Radio" December 2006 for an excellent 6 page article on the 2006 MRCA meet by Dale , KW1I




  Attending the Military Radio Collector Association rally also means that you are going to see a lot of Military Vehicles, Surplus Items, Collectors items and best of all your military radio buddies. --- The MRCA Rally is held in conjunction with the  Red Ball Military Transport which is an affiliate of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association.   


                 Just over an hour from Philadelphia Gilbert, Pa is located near the Pocono's and many famous attractions, the town of Stroudsburg is 30 minutes away. I've taken my wife and stayed in Stroudsburg -usually left the Rally around 4 which left plenty of time for sight seeing etc. September is "off season" and there is plenty of lodging with reasonable prices on the lodging.

                    Ted, W3PWW is finished with
                     his set up Thursday.     Photo KW1I
       That's a lot of equipment to haul to a rally but Ted's gear provided
       complete  and reliable communications for the MRCA HQ.


  Our special thanks to Ted, W3PWW who's tireless efforts contribute to the MRCA organization and the East Coast Military nets that meet at 05:00 EST on Saturday( AM with carrier) and 21:00 EST( CW) on Sunday. Frequencies are 3885 and 3570 Kcs.



    Ted tunes up his BC-669. Which was on standby on the 3885 "Guard Channel". The 524 was on 51.0 Fox Mike Guard Channel.



    I know that you all were concerned last year when Ted's
        power supply suffered a major melt down, well boys its back!

As the MRCA troops came in on Thursday and Friday they found plenty of space and easy access to the MRCA site that occupied a large out building with plenty of tree cover and room for camping. Rest rooms and showers were 200 feet away. A really superb site for a rally.     Site A+, Facilities A+, Security A+



       Dale, KW1I and Brown, W1NZR
were the official greeting team as participants
     arrived early Friday.

Heck we were lucky just to find this place!

    Runners up in longest distance traveled to the rally are Clint,
W4IVY and John, W4HWT from North Carolina.


    Rob is happy and finished with his setup.
Rob made a mobile check into the  HQ net while en-route to the rally using a TCS. The sledge hammer is on standby for maintenance.



   K4CHE gets help unloading the War Wagon (86 suburban) Helpers are Jeff, KG2BZ; Brown, W1NZR;Emidio, WA2FSX; and Dale KW1I.

              photo W3OSS

If you are interested in reinactment or military vehicles this is the place to go.

  Perfect for that trip to the 7/11 store for milk.
           photo W3OSS
              Maybe its a loose wire.


  Anybody order Pizza?

  Dean, KK1K arrives in style.



Dean's SEM-35 mobile setup. Note: It take special training to read the SEM-35 while it is upside down while mobile.



    Call in an airstrike? Sure.

  KC2RNN, Pat drives up from NJ.


"Alpha Bravo one this is Ringo you
have green smoke over."
                 Al, N3FRQ puts up his antenna the ole fashion way.



     Early Friday morning there
was plenty of activity starting
in the MVPA flea market.



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