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    (Building a replica B-26 radio equipment rack and radio position similiar to the Smithsonian "Flak Bait" exhibit on the 2nd Floor of the Air and Space Museum)


       An Obsession of sorts but never the less a radio project. And as it developed the Command Sets and other aircraft radios came off of the shelves and out of those dark musty hidden secret cardboard boxes and appeared out into the open and were finally used and displayed with dignity on a "Flak Bait Rack" and that is good.  
                     Smithsonian  "Flak Bait" photo by K4CHE
               Smithsonian  "Flak Bait" Radio Rack close up photo by K4CHE
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                            "Flak Bait Obsession" built by K4CHE

    Please note. The Smithsonian Flak Bait display on the 2nd floor of the Air and Space Museum has been moved to the Mary Baker Restoration Hanger and will be united with the rest of the aircraft for restoration of the "entire" aircraft.

                                 Mary Baker Restoration Hanger                                    




                                 PROJECT  INDEX

              1. The idea of the rack and a Smithsonian visit

              2. Initial construction of the first rack.

              3 Under the stairs or "Honey what is that sawing noise".
 4. Navigation Table and Equipment 


             ------------under construction------------------------

              8. Misc equipment  antenna reel, ADF, ants, lights etc.

              5. Others who have constructed "Flak Bait" positions.

              7. power for the system

              9. Chair Saga

            10. Ash Receiver

            11. Fini, well not exactly


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