K4CHE Fort Miles Operations 2009  

    I have had the pleasure of working near and observing the 261st Coast Artillery Re-Enactment group at Fort Miles, Delaware. I was invited to setup my military radio equipment during their April 2009 meet in conjunction with the Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club of Seaford, Delaware .

               Detail of Ft. Miles and the 261st Coast Artillery Re-Enactment organization can be found at:   

       Be sure and read the info on the "Surrender of the German Submarine U-858"

                A link to the Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club of Seaford Delaware

    My operations during this event is another example of the cooperation between Military Collectors/Re-Enactment groups and Military Radio Collectors. It was a great event and more events are scheduled for 2010.

                                       The 261st is looking for recruits, more info may be found at:



           My setup
                       The BC-611 and BC-654 made a nice demo station.
  The GN-45 was modified for use with the BC-474, the modification is
    easily reversible. Anyone have a GN-44?

                     Modification box to drop voltages and
                     transfer to the BC-654 power connector.

                        Lights up when filament voltage is at 6 volts.

                      homebrew connector
                    K4CHE does his Colonel Potter impersonation.
                        Nice view.  
                         Entrance to one of the larger bunkers where the
                          local radio club sat up operations.

                         Seaford Radio Club in action next to the big gun.                 Same area during WWII.
                    Spooky , corridor with numerous storage areas for ammo.

                                           I am surprised that all this copper has not
                                                been removed and cashed in at the junk yard.

                                    See below for update on this terminal block



        Update 2012, the group has spent a lot of time in restoration, Mr. Jason Gaver has been working on restoring portions of the telephone system. This telephone block has been carefully and painstakingly restored. Additional restoration photos may be seen at his site:


                       Mystery mount. Low freq beacon tower?
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