MRCA Marconi
      Mini Meet 2007

    Dates announced for the  Gilbert Meet. 17th,18th and
19th September 2009.

Several of us set up outdoor military radio displays and operated on Saturday and prepared for the many civilian visitors that visited the InfoAge Science/History Learning Center on Sunday.

The Weather was excellent.

Visitors were immediately attracted to our area to see what was going on underneath the camouflage nets.

It was another fine example of cooperation between military vehicle groups, radio clubs,and the MRCA. The New Jersey Antique Radio Club Museum was excellent and it was obvious that Al, N3FRQ, Ray Chase and scores of others have spent a lot of time with building,restoring, and setting up numerous displays. The Museum is open on Sunday afternoons and manned by volunteers.

                      The guard was AWOL
        Just in case.                
  Looking at the Army Buildings I felt right at home. I Walked in one and could find the latrine with my eyes closed. I could smell the coal furnace, missing was the Charge of Quarters,the clip boards on the walls, orders of the day, soldiers.
     The Marconi site was utilized as the Evans Signal Lab during WWII

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Our operation was located at the top of the hill, this photo taken 90 years ago

An aerial view and more information about the Marconi Site and Camp Evans can be found here.


The local military vehicle group displayed numerous military vehicles that week end including a Duck and Command Staff Car


It was a excellent mini-meet.Nothing like 30 hours of playing with military radios and going through the excellent museums,

  Neat operating display by Al and Rob. We set up in front of the New Jersey Antique Radio Museum.

                  Video of Robs TBX chirp click here:
                               TBX Chirp
     GRC-9 and TRIKE
      Duck and Cover
  I was curious about my sleeping quarters.
  Great view from the back yard.

Rob and Al do a little trouble shooting.

Video of Al's 3 dollar test set in operation.

Click here:               Test Set.


Q. What do gen sets do best?

A. Fail to start

     Rob's TCS set. 
  Rob's TCS mobile mount.

 TCS remote control.

     Al's WWII prision camp radio receiver on display.
Always popular with visitors
        Zorro's Delco 5300 came in handy.

   Excellent Cook out. Thank you Al.

          807s and steak, you can't beat that.

       SLS preparations--- the evening to come was upon us.

My rack, my qtrs mucho better than a tent. And look a flush toilet!

It was all most eerie operating from the Marconi 1914 Trans-Atlantic Site and even stranger yet sleeping over night in the Marconi Station Managers Cottage. I tried to communicate with some of the past residents and “previous Marconi operators” that night but could not find the correct frequency.

Thank you Info Age and New Jersey Antique Radio Club Museum for your hospitality. Thanks to Al Klase for coordinating the event.

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