Date: 23-24 September 2005

OL: Gilbert, PA

Mission: Displays, Field Exercise,Presentations,Flea Market,Military Vehicle Show,Evening Morale Meetings.


Staff: OIC: Steve, N3NNG
Operations: Al, N3FRQ
Communications: Ted, W3PWW
Morale and Recreation Officer : KW1I

"The Military Radio Collectors Association, organized in 2000, is intended to bring together people with a genuine interest in the subject. It is an outgrowth of the Old Military Radio Net aka East Coast Military Radio Net that meets every Saturday at 05:00AM ( Eastern time) on 3885Kcs in the 75-meter amateur band." The next gathering is going to be held on 22-23 September of 2006. "The event will, once again, be held in conjunction with the Red Ball Military Transport Annual Rally" Intel can be found at :

Note: The comments and presentations on these pages are my personal remarks and observations and do not necessarily represent the MRCA group or Staff.




    W3PWW, Ted, the mainstay of the Old Military Radio Net.

KW1I photo



    Zorro, K4CHE arrived a little early on Thursday so he could get the tent set up without anyone watching. BTW the camping area has good tree cover , running hot and cold and medium water, latrines, private showers,asphalt access roads, phones,lights,electricity in latrine,etc.




  Attending the Military Radio Collector Association rally also means that you are going to see a lot of Military Vehicles, Surplus Items, Collectors items--- all in the flea market and at flea market prices as the MRCA is held in conjunction with the  Red Ball Military Transport which is an affiliate of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association.   


   The going price at the Vehicle Rally was $75.00 for a RT-524. Usually the final was removed but otherwise the set was intact. It hard to describe the area,covers several acres, its huge, and full of electroncis, military, surplus military items, your tax dollars at work. Hard to see it all in one day.
    As the MRCA troops came in on Thursday and Friday they found plenty of space and easy access to the MRCA site that occupied a large out building with plenty of tree cover. Really a superb site for a rally. Here W3PWW discusses Lou N3OD's mobile installaton.

    Plenty of displays this year by Rob Flory, K2WI. Rob came in first in the "Most Useless Radio Display category. A RCA-made MAR set, AM/MCW on 225-400Mc, field or ship use.       Heavy

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