Aberdeen 2009

 Every spring the East Coast has a Military Vehicle meet in the Aberdeen Maryland area sponsored by the WAC/B&G MVT Chapter of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). Historically the meet was always held on the U.S. Army Aberdeen proving ground but for the last couple of years since 911 the MVPA has been forced to locate it's meet else where and the last couple of years the event has been held at Ripken Stadium. I do miss the trail rides the Army let us have on the Proving Grounds but the parking at the stadium OL is really nice when it rains------ no mud!

    The next Aberdeen meet is scheduled for May 20,21st and 22 of this year(2010). See( http://www.militaryvehicleshow.com/). It's a great meet and is the perfect union between military radio and military vehicle collectors. Hope to see you there.

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           K4CHE     M151A1, antennas in use are the AT-1011
            and the AB-1371G



                    My Copilot, my love.
                 My wife
                  who did it all while I was away
                  and is here today
to keep me from going





                The TRC-77 did a fine job on 80 and 40 CW.
                  Backup receiver powered by a small inverter.
                       Field strength meter for tune ups.
               Receiver inverter                                      24 volts in
                           K4CHE vehicle rear view. The normal
                   M151A1 top has been slightly modified.(I
                   cut off the rear and attached hold down straps)

                       K4CHE vehicle rear PRC-47 with Marine Corps Mount.

                                                   Video (4 meg file)

             BC-1306 installation, owner unknown.
  Price is right

                   Early Friday morning I spotted this
                RCA receiver at the bottom of a pile.
                      I guess I am the only one at the meet
                  interested in low frequency junk.




   Possible candidate for the reception of the
Grimeton Anderson Alternator on 17.2 Kcs?
              SAQ Grimeton Recepton

                        Lots of radio stuff.
                       Door off of a large multi engine aircraft.
                          Door positioned up on a single seater.
                    Tom N3AJA and "The Phantom of Smyrna"
                          Nice find, complete with battery.
                 I picked up this WS-19 set brush guard.
                        Breck K4CHE and "The Phantom"
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