Bethany Beach Parade 4 July 2017

           Harbor Defense of Delaware Parade Group         

              Throughout the year the military vehicle group "Harbor Defenses of Delaware" participate in parades and other public events . This group headed by Dr. Donald G. Hattier and represents Fort Miles Delaware ( A WWII Coastal Defense Fort) which is located in Lewes Delaware.



           Bethany Beach After Action Report July 4 2018 Julian 184

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Well I have been doing military vehicle events for a number of years but never in my experience have I seen a more exuberant and appreciative parade crowd. I was expected 2 or 3 thousand but would estimate the crowd at 10-15 thousand. Meeting at Dr. Donald Hattier's OL early that morning gave us a chance to exchange notes on vehicles and meet a few of the attendees. I enjoyed talking to Dr. Hattier's "passengers" and surveying their nice uniforms and I got to look over " Sandy" and got to hear that raspy whistle note that's hard to describe but I would recognize it any where. We convoyed over to Bethany and upon arrival I was surprised by the early crowd and then tried to think ahead and see how in the world we were going to navigate this convoy in this crowd but as we passed each police check point they recognized the "Ft. Miles Expedition" and we were waved on. I began to feel very VIPish. But back in my mind I was still trying to figure out how we were going to fit into the parade string and then rounding a corner there it was I saw a magnificent blank area cordoned off by the police and then realized that was for us. Right smack in the downtown area we had a half a block of space reserved for the convoy definitely a 109. After Pulling in and parking and then walking from military vehicle to vehicle talking and absorbing information on vehicles and that was a highlight for me, I even got to break out the PRC-6 and ops check radios. Joe's placards and arrangement of the vehicle by year of manufacture I thought was one of the best ideas for a parade military vehicle convoy that I have seen. The crowd could observe and witness the military vehicle progression starting with WWII and go up through the Vietnam and later era. Driving the parade route and listening and watching the reaction of the crowd was an experience and was moving. I heard a lot of "Go Air Force". It was a great operation with much prior planning and went off without a hitch. And to wind up at Grotto for lunch was a bonus. Overall a chance to make new friends and to play with military vehicles - - - - it does not get any better than that.

Job well done and much appreciated by an retired Air Force Jockey who appreciates a good plan.
                  " I love it when a Plan comes together". Thanks for the invitation and the hospitality.

                                     Major Breckinridge S. Smith USAF ret



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            Harbor Defenses of Delaware  official web site. 


          Just for sport we activated our APRS transmitter in the M151A1 for the trek from Dover DE to Bethany Beach. Shown above is the last leg from Georgetown to Bethany with a stop at Dr. Hattier's complex.

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                                  Joe Sicenavage's parade report submitted to


                      CLICK to enlarge.                          Photo taken at Dr. Hattier's OL.

        Pete's M35A2C, It makes that wonderful whistle sound.

                   Pete Mensiger's M35A2C

                     Decked out for the 4th.



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                MSGT Hattier briefs the convoy route to Bethany. When visiting lower Delaware bring a map.

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                   A "Merry Bunch " prepare for departure on the Dodge WC.


                    On the "Ready".


                     The Dodge WC cockpit
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                              "Head em up and move em out"


                Convoy video enroute to Bethany Beach. Listen carefully for Sandy's whistle note.

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                 As soon as the convoy arrived we were flanked by visitors.

                  U.S. Navy was well represented in the convoy. Joe Sicenavage's 1972 M151A2.

                         Nice Navy flag on Joe's Harbor Defense vehicle

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                    Proud Navy.

                             Now I have to find a Air Force flag.


                  Joe's cockpit.


                          Click here for video of official static demonstration.

                      Breck Smith's U.S. Air Force "Radio Jeep"

           My Co-pilot. We have completed a lot of missions.

                        The PRC-77 mounted between the seats using a KY-65 mount. The radio is powered from the M151A1 battery and uses a U-383/VR battery eliminator to provide 14 volts.


                 My sponsor.

                                  PRC-10 and PRC-6

                 "You can't have enough radios."


                   Note the "Year" placards by Bill Goodwin. Neat idea.

                 MSGT Hattier inspects the 50 CAL on Rod Danzi's vehicle.

                                            Video Vehicles by year.



                     Rod's Jungle Boots.

           I left my Jungle Boots in a trash can in the latrine of the Seattle International Airport KSEA. “Tam biet”


                    Lots of requests for " Can I sit in the seat?"


          Waiting for the Parade to start. . . Plenty of time to talk with visitors and compare notes on vehicles.


          CLICK here for Video - Bill Goodwin gives a tour.


        Captain Mike makes an adjustment of the flag display and moves the Flag to the passenger side of the WC.

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                                 Bruce Boehm and his 53 Willys M38A1.


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          Bill Goodwin and his vehicle. A rare 1950 CJV-35U "Radio Jeep"


        While attending several April meets at Ft Miles I have wondered about this vehicle and why the SP-600's and never got a chance to meet the owner.

                    Click here for Bill's briefing on the vehicle.


           Jim of Bethany Beach takes a turn on Bill Goodwin's "Radio Jeep".    Jim aka "Dog" is a Veteran of the Korean War.


                        The Dodge WC got a lot of attention by the crowd. Utility not comfort.

                              Click here  Dodge WC video.


                   A nice M38 owned by Joe Sicenavage The Fort Miles group have a duty Chaplain.
                                                                Photo by Joe Sicenavage

          Another view of the "Line". In the foreground Mike Hills "Chappy" and Captain Mike.

            Another great vehicle flag. Now I have to find a U.S. Air Force flag for my M151A1.

                    The miniature Verse Booklets were popular with the visitors. I wish I had saved similar items from Vietnam.

             Bill and the MSGT look over the "Manual Winch"


            Manual winch. First one I have ever seen. Simple.    Workee Good G.I.
                       Click to enlarge                             Photo by Joe Sicenavage

            "When are we gonna get started Sarge?"
                   CLICK to enlarge                                                        Photo by Joe Sicenavage

            A nice view of MSGT Hattier's WC and the "Line".


                        The "Colors" will be well represented.

                      Click here Parade Video.

                                          A stop after the parade.

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           I couldn't resist and "stitched" a couple of the photos together for a composite.

                       MATS was a great command, a perfect place to start a flying career.

                    And a perfect place to gather after an event.


            Never in a million years would I have thought that my M151A1 would be parked in the parking lot of a Pizza Restaurant- it has been in a lot of different places.

                        The weather had been great but I had to hightail it back to Dover in order to beat the rain.

                              Unfortunately we did not quite beat the rain on the way back to KDOV. Note the A2 wipers on my A1 vehicle. Workee Good G.I.

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