K2WI Field Day

      An outstanding effort by K2WI using Navy TCS equipment, dynomotor powered.

There are those that say they will operate their military equipment during Field Day and then there are those that actually do it.


            K2WI Pre-Field Day Announcement:
Mission: "Because I am a glutton for punishment: I plan on operating field day with my TCS set and a 75-foot vertical. I'll be trying to avoid the crowds, as the receiver blocks easily. I'll be trying some 160m AM, and will check into the OMRN on Saturday morning on 75m(if the contest crowd will allow it). The antenna support is a pole that once held a rhombic for point-to-point HF work. The last of many at this site."

 OL/Field Day Site: The "Pole Farm", Lawerenceville, NJ.
See link below.



                MISSION         ACCOMPLISHED!

Final Report: K2WI 1A SNJ 120 QSOs plus copy of the special Field Day Bulletin by W1AW(on 160m, no QRM).

Operations on 160M AM/CW, 80 CW, 40 CW.

   Several Californians worked on 80. About 8 hours operating time with the TCS set on car battery. Antenna was an 80m ground plane on an 85-foot guyed telephone pole. The pole is the last of many at the "pole farm" where it and its kin held up rhombics for point-to-point transmitting to Europe. They went up just before WWII, and were owned by AT&T. Now the site is a county park. Chriping birds woke me at 3AM, about an hour and 15 minutes before the sky started to noticeably lighten. Limiting factor: receiver selectivity(no surprise there) Crew- Rob, Martin (his first camping trip)

Link to the AT&T Pole Farm:


       Most Field Day stations on CW will be running 500Hz
filters so you have to get pretty close. On the TCS I turn
off the BFO, set to MO Tune and zero beat the station I
want to call. You can do it without turning off the BFO,
but there are more beats to contend with.
      The 2nd Mill is for my assistant operator Martin.



   " If I had my way, I would climb the pole and install a block and halyard for easy lifting of whatever antenna I cared to try. Permission to climb has not been forthcoming. It might take a few shots but I think I can get a rope over the uppermost climbing peg with bow and arrow."
           Rob Flory, K2WI

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