Aberdeen Annual Spring
        East Coast Rally 2010

 Every spring the East Coast has a Military Vehicle meet in the Aberdeen Maryland area sponsored by the WAC/B&G MVT Chapter of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). Historically the meet was always held on the U.S. Army Aberdeen proving ground but for the last couple of years since 911 the MVPA has been forced to locate it's meet else where - - - and the the event has been held at Ripken Stadium. I do miss the trail rides the Army let us have on the Proving Grounds but the parking at the stadium OL is really nice when it rains------ no mud!

This year was kind of quite, no midnight flares slowly drifing through the night summer air into the stadium, no 30 or 50 cal bursts,no smoke flares, and not a report of damage to the tarmac by tracked vehicles,no police or fire trucks, but lots to see, hear, and smell.

    The next Aberdeen meet is scheduled for May 12,-14 of May (2011). See( http://www.militaryvehicleshow.com/). It's a great meet and is the perfect union between military radio and military vehicle collectors. Hope to see you there. BTW when in the area be sure and visit the Aberdeen Army Ordnance Museum.


                               - - - - - And the Next big East Coast Event is in the Poconos at Gilbert.

Important Note: The East Coast collectors group the Military Radio Collectors Association (MRCA) is having its annual meet in conjunction with the the MVPA at Gilbert, PA this September 2010. More information can be found at http://www.mrca.ar88.net/ when it becomes available.The groups activities include displays, lectures,field exercises, and of access to the MVPA's flea market.

     logo N3FRQ

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                                My Copilot, my love.
                                             Lots of missions, lots of time in the
                       right seat putting in all those "numbers".








           One stop shopping, boots, MRE"s and a 106.
             Mark probably bought the MRE's.




                  No big feet in the Navy?




                          Mark KD3ZK set up early.





    My purchase a W.W.II O2 mask (A-14) and
     a regulator (A-12) for my "Smithsonian"




                                  1944 date code




      Tons of radio equipment




                    W2OBR in his "Commo 1" truck.

                      "Comm One" video





   Bernie, W3OWE the "Phantom of Smyrna and Ole Buzzard Rich, W2OBR
              make a presentation to K4CHE.




     "I had been waiting for a mission and they brought it to me."
      Complete with OD wrapping paper, 300 ohm twin lead
       ribbon, and a final touch of a wire wrapped bow.



                    Inside:    "I know the Phantom of Smyrna"






                Mike Baranosky set up his wares early Thursday.




                                    More of Mike's stuff.




     I took a peak inside the box- -it was full of BC-1306 Grills.
After all these years the search for the "Holy Grill" was over.
Disappointed, I was hoping for ARC-1 front covers.





              Jeff, KG2BZ is ecstatic he found a fire hose nozzle.


                The  home brew power supply for the GRC-9 is on the ground.

  Zorro's setup. The URC-4 is on
           144.250 the unofficial MRCA calling frequency. PRC-10 is on the
            push of 51.0. In Vietnam the URC-4 was often used to communicate
            with Air America and other agencies.



The picture of the day, he said it was going to be the
        focal point of their living room.

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