OBJECTIVE: Convert your HC-6/U crystals pins to the same diameter of FT-243 pins.

INFO: Both the HC17U and the FT 243 have the same pin spacing of .486 inches.
By using pins removed from bad or weak octal tubes you can easily convert your HC-6 crystals to fit a FT-243 socket.

WARNING : You must be able to solder and use small hand tools, the soldering iron is hot. The smell of Rosin can be addictive.



              The FT-243 socket requires pins that are approximately .093 in diameter.
   Find a defective tube and remove the pins. Carefully wiggle the pins - try not to break the interior wire connection.

   Leave the wire intact- the pin will be heated and removed.


       Heat the pins




            Pull the pin free leaving the wire.




           Clean and tin the HC6 pins, use a small amount of rosin to aid in tinning. Fill the pins with solder and fit on the crystal.Shown is one of my favorite tools an alligator clip.


            Try some Rosin Flux as the new solder is not any good.


   Leave clearance on the bottom of crystal to prevent shorting to the crystal case.


              Clean pins.   An Emery board comes in handy.                                             


   Test crystal, my favorite crystal tester is to utilize a Grid Dip Meter. Looking for indications of activity on the meter. Varying the tuning to provide different loads.


   Comparison of the modified crystal with a FT 243. Close enough for government work.

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