MRCA Marconi
                      Mini-Meet 2009

   Dates announced for
the  Gilbert Meet.
17th,18th and
19th September 2009.

    This years mini meet was held in conjunction with the New Jersey Antique Radio Club's flea market. We would like to thank the NJARC and InfoAge for their hospitality. A special thanks to Al Klase, N3FRQ for coordinating the event.


  InfoAge Link

It was a great meet, flea market, military vehicles, and a chance to play military radio all week end.


Facilities: Great. Sleep over in the roomy cottage, use of one of the Army buildings as an experiment and maintenance and area and plenty of room to set up in front of the NJARC Radio Technology Museum.

My only complaint was having to listen to Flory's ARC-1 dynamotor all week end.

      Click here for VIDEO.



                  Nice collections of Vehicles
                     The Radio Rat in the Flea Market

   The Famous Ray Chase
and his wares.

                              Flea Market VIDEO
         Al leaves his PRC-104 operation to look at a bargain.

                 A real boat anchor complete with crate. NOS.
Mystery, can you ID it?



  Nice set


  Al's Portable Rig  
  Antique sets    
  K4CHE's 2 meter mobile    


                           Convert 12 volts to 6 volts the easy way.


      Rob wastes no time getting his TCS on the air.

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