FSE 38/58 Transciever Info

     The entire system consisting of bag, radio, spare battery box, and helmet antenna.

The single channel, crystal controlled radio is very compact and has a standard Handappaarat connector, I used a H33 handapparat. The two knobs control transmitt power-squelch and lautstarke. The left power control has settings for 10 Mw(10 milliawatts)with squelch, 50 Mw with squelch and 50 Mw with an "open" unsquelched receiver. There are no new squelch (PL) provisions available. The radio can be powered by internal batteries or external 24 volts.

Tune up and battery pack instructions are on a separate page on this site. The addition of a tone board to generate the new squelch of 150 cycles(*) is also described.

*See notes at the end


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The mode/power switch on the left is divided into two halves, the left side is for EB or battery, the right side is for external 24 volts.There are no provisions for night illumination of the controls making it hard to use during night ops.


      Top view of the radio, everything is shinny and meticulous, looks like space shuttle equipment.

          Rear view of the radio showing extra channels and the main crystal in use.

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The helmet antenna designed to be mounted on the helmet. I have added a ground radial to the base so that the antenna can be used with out the helmet via a short BNC jumper and still provide a reasonable match to the radio.




        The antenna base is mounted on the helmet and secured with a set screw that bites into the metal.
     The plastic thingamajig that was attached to the elastic holds the antenna horizontal to make a low profile for brush, trees,low flying birds and enemy radar.

        Interior of the antenna housing. The two round port covers on the left of the housing can be unscrewed to tune the antenna and to monitor the RF level via a sampling network. I have not used the sampling port but tuned the antenna system for maximum field strength after adding a radial to improve the RF ground.

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       The antenna loading coil is the long rod shaped object.The BNC connector on the right goes to the radio.



       Side view with the two small covers removed. The left hole is for access to the tuning coil, the right hole is the connector for the RF sampling network.

      Ready for operations the radio is slung on the jeep seat and is perfect for short range convey or squad operations leaving other vehicle equipment open for long range use.

 Battery Pack/Tune Up

New squelch/tone addition                                                     

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