Vacuum Tube Extenders
Shown is a gaggle * * *of vacuum tube extenders, you need these to trouble shoot boat anchors* * * . It allows the technician to check for voltages and signals levels without opening up the unit or turning it over. In some cases the tube pin wiring for the stage you are trouble shooting is very hard to access and you want positive information prior to digging into radio and or doing major dis- assembly.

* * * See Glossary Elsewhere

     This extender has large tips to clip test leads on.

    Be careful, once the extender is in place and the power is on, Dangerous high voltages are present.

    AN/USM-119 vacuum tube extender kit

     This 8 pin extender from the USM-119 kit has small test points, note the points are numbered for the tube pins.

    This extender base has been ground down in order to fit inside tube cover type sockets.

   Tube cover socket with modified(shaved) extender in place.

   Five pin extender for 1625/807's.
Tube Socket Adaper Kit MX-1258. Has sockets 4 pin, 5 pin, 6 pin, 7 pin small, 7 pin large, 7 pin miniature, octal, loctal, 9 pin miniature. Comes with 7 and 9 pin miniature pin staightener and aluminum case which has minor dents throughout. $95.00 (this picture taken from a Fair Radio Ad)

     An emergency 1625 extender built at midnight.



A collection of tube "pullers" There was an item on one of the boat anchor lists about tube pullers, the dialog lasted about three days.The simplest is to just take a piece of hose and slit it. Different size hoses for different size tubes.