May 2008 Aberdeen Meet.



                                      Every spring the East Coast has a Military Vehicle meet in the Aberdeen Maryland area sponsored by the WAC/B&G MVT Chapter of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA). Historically the meet was always held on the U.S. Army Aberdeen proving ground but for the last couple of years since 911 the MVPA has been forced to locate it's meet else where and for several years the meet has been held at Ripken Stadium.

I do miss the trail rides the Army let us have on the Proving Grounds but the parking at the stadium OL is really nice when it rains------ no mud!

    The next Aberdeen meet is scheduled for May 21,22, and 23 of this year(2009). See It's a great meet and is the perfect union between military radio and military vehicle collectors.

One of the highlights of the meet was that Jeff KG2BZ won the "Wheeled Armor" division award for his vehicle.

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      Well it rained and I mean it rained and then it rained some more. Ham attendance was very low for the meet. Hams don't like to get wet and don't have poncos.


 While it was raining I saved my vehicle battery by using
the  FSE-38. Some of my notes on this radio may be found at  on my web pages. Links below.

             Easy Tune Up Instructions
             Adding "New Squelch" (tone)




                             Security at the gate was tight
                  Jeff, Bob, and Tom Bryan take a break from the rain inside Jeff's vehicle. Bob in the middle is checking his sneakers.
       Jeff KG2BZ, Bob, K4CHE. Tom N3AJA
  K4CHE's vehicle and the AT-1011 antenna

Zorro's GRC-9 and a"captured"Chinese 139 set


                 photo by Fumeo JA3FTU

  The AT-1011 needed a little assistance.
     I love my wife.
  Watch Mouse




               Additional photos and video of the meet will be shown on the next pages.

    Important Note: The East Coast collectors group the Military Radio Collectors Association (MRCA) which is having its annual meet in conjunction with the the MVPA at Gilbert, PA this 18 and 19 of September 2009. More information can be found at   when it becomes available.The groups activities include field exercises, displays, lectures, group evening dinning and recreation, and of course a flea market and access to the MVPA's flea market, so you actually you get two shows in one.

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