Military Radio Collectors Association
Gilbert Meet: September   2011

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                                                      MRCA SLS Event
   The MRCA Gilbert Rally is schedule for a Friday and Saturday but the "Shakers and Movers" show up on Thursday. Last year (2011) the now famous "SLS" event was held late Thursday. More on the "SLS" event below.

"The Military Radio Collectors Association, organized in 2000, is intended to bring together people with a genuine interest in the subject. It is an outgrowth of the Old Military Radio Net AKA East Coast Military Radio Net that meets every Saturday at 05:00 AM ( Eastern time) on 3885 Kcs in the 75-meter amateur band." In addition a CW net is held at 2100 (Eastern) on 3570 each Sunday evening.

An additional net that encourages "field Ops" that is becoming very popular is held on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday at 12:00 noon on 60 meters on channel 4 USB- 5371.5 Kcs (dial frequency) additional info can be found at I've set up "field Ops" several times. A couple of my typical field operations:





            MRCA Gilbert Meet Info:

The next Gilbert MRCA Rally will be held on 21-22 September of 2012 at the Gilbert, PA fairgrounds. "The event will, once again, be held in conjunction with the Red Ball Military Transport Club.

                                      MRCA Intel can be found at :


  Attending the Military Radio Collector Association Gilbert Event y also means that you are going to see a lot of Military Vehicles, Surplus Items, Collectors items and best of all your military radio buddies. --- The MRCA Rally is held in conjunction with the  Red Ball Military Transport Club.


                    Red Ball  Rally info,photos, GPS coordinates, and pdf file of their flyer can be found at: 


     K4CHE and N3OD After Action Reports posted on the MRCA Reflector:
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        NOTE: Addtional photos by Alex and Yuki can be seen at Photo Bucket:   
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                 Ted W3PWW begins base HQ station setup.
                   No Pepsi machine this year.


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                   Pat KC2RNN, Zorro k4che and Jeff KG2BZ hit the flea market early Thursday afternoon and pick up some LS-685 speakers.
           N3FRQ posted a modification for the LS-685 to the MRCA list.

                   N3FRQ LS-685 speaker modification.


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         Nice BC-1306 installation.



                                     never mind
              Plenty of equipment for sale.
                    Bob AB8OP and his mule. (He is sitting on the Mule)
                  Walt KB3SBC arrived early Thursday afternoon.

                                              Thursday evening.

                  Once again,  As midnight approaches it is time .   .   .
                   Brown W1BZR is the first to begins the evening SLS* preparations.

                  * Secret Lantern Society
                              Soon they will come
                    Notice how Alex (standing left)a new participant has become completely mesmerized.
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                       They came and now they are one.
                 Meanwhile, undaunted by the lack of ambient light Al, N3FRQ
               proceeds to trouble shoot.

                      "Lets see if we can sort this out".

                     Video late Friday evening, the troops are busy.
            Dale   KW1I prepares for an evening on 75 meters.
                  "It could be the power supply"
                  Video clip of the trouble shooting team.
                         Zorro's ARC-3 display crystaled up on the MRCA push of 144.250.
                                   Video K4CHE display.
                  VHF antenna for the ARC-3, missing the airplane counterpoise.
                     Ted W3PWW and the Head Quarters HF station is ready for action.
                  A mix of old and new, note the famous W3PWW Retro
                Rocket Power Supply under the table.

                  MRCA Head Quarters   Equipment for the push of 51.0
                     This is my corner" . . .       Justin Wheeler -KA3TIN
                       The mystery monolith.
                     Improvise, Adapt, Overcome ,
                                       Charlie KA1GON makes an emergency connection.
                           Charlie KA1GON
                          and they are still at it
                                           Video Clip "Still At It"
                        KA1GON photo
                                                     "Its for you"
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