Jeff Ciccone's Fire Truck

     Jeff''s KG2BZ meticulous restoration of a 530C fire truck.
  A very handy vehicle to have around for house fires and civil unrest.

   And perfect for that trip to the 7-11 convenience store to pick up milk and bread.



The truck is equipped with a Motorola Syntor X VHF for civilian fire comm and VRC-64 for military fm comm.         All bases are covered.

Look closely you can just make out the US Army Stencil.
   Jeff's comments: The 530 series started in 1952, first there was an 530A using a front mount pump on a 6x6 - it was used by AF and Army. The 530B appeared in 1954 and was utilized by both services. The army adopted the 530C in 1972 , adding a foam nozzle and a slightly larger pump but The AF never used the 530C. I have the C model which was used by the US Army. The truck came from Newport Indiana Ammunition Depot.

       Update photos(Dec 04)showing the Truck Decals on the cab and battery box.

            Decals on the rear.
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