PG-102/CB , Replica (All Most) Project

                                     and we are not talking about chicken band.

DEDICATION: This page is dedicated to those feathered males and females that served in the U.S. Signal Corps during our time of need.
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: I would like to thank my wife Eunice and all my friends that have been patient and so helpful and offered so many suggestions,while I finished this project.

Note to Jeff C. If you read this then you will know why your radios aren't fixed yet.



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          The first part of this project was to find a suitable resident for the "CB-102 Replica All Most Cage".  I search diligently for several weeks around the state capitol buildings for a pigeon that would sit still in order to capture it with the pillow case I was using as a bag. At first I tried using a burlap bag but it just didn't handle as well as a standard Wal Mart's pillow case, and besides I had had previous training in Boy Scouts using a standard Woolworth's pillow case while hunting for Snipes, anyway , it seems that they(the pigeons)will come up to you for corn or other snacks but when you produce any thing that resembles a bag they jolt and fly off, this behavior is inbred in em and it is passed on from generation to generation.
   This whole capture scenario required a great deal of recon planning and activation. (Note 1) The local parks were surveyed but due to the duck and geese population I soon aborted the attempt as ducks and geese evidently do not like pigeons and they send the pigeons away, thus no targets. We tried for several weeks to catch a pigeon in the rural farm areas of this state but here in Chicken Land the pigeons are also driven away by sea gulls and wild chickens that have escaped from the processing trucks headed north that are delivering chickens from the chicken farms to the"chicken cutten up plants". It is also reported that a large population of the sea gulls have become mutated due to consumption of McDonnell's French fries. (See note 1A)Anyway I had to resort to a simulated pigeon purchased from a local store. However as luck may have it, this "pigeon " had several built in systems that we were able to utilize.  .  . I love it when a plan comes together. Here is a list of the characteristics of the built in systems.

  As you can see this is a virtual "hackers" paradise and you can waste many of your "adult" hours messing with this project.

Simulated Pigeon Features:

     1. Motion detection via photo cell.

     2. Automatic activation of internal ISD sound chip or similar chip (see note 2)(10 second) The product came with prerecorded sounds and one song however this song had to be changed because the song produces nausea.

     3. Automatic motion of head swivel.

     4. Automatic motion of beak, in sync with voice peaks of the sound chip, beak opens at voice audio peaks.

     5. Choice of three arm positions for the system. Motion on, manual on, and system off.

     6. Powered by readily available AA batteries.

  Note 1: The local capitol is guarded by its own elite police force and they are sensitive about any pigeon abductions.

  Note 1a: It has been well documented that McDonald's French Fries have large amounts of MSG and sugar which to a fish eating seagull can be very dangerous and shorten its life span considerably.

  Note 2 Local radio stations list daily casualty reports on highway 13 know as the DCR Dead Chicken Report. This DCR is usually given at 1800 hours daily (6:PM sandwich time)after most of the chicken truck traffic, i.e. Perdue and Tyson has ceased for the day. In addition K4CHE of Dover Delaware has conducted daily nets at 1700 hours(5:PM sandwich time) and complied expensive reports of causalities and has given a special weekly DCR summary each Friday. The special summary on Friday also includes any other oddities of fowl who have met their demise and have been spotted on Highway 13 including vultures and ravens and black birds.
   Anyway any North Bound "passengers" that do escape soon develop super bird skills and are extremely aggressive and very hard to catch and there are often reports of injuries inflicted upon innocent civilians who either try to help the birds or they are from Sussex County and are simply tying to rustle up sum supper.    Some of the "escapees" do not survive the initial exit from the truck as a significant number of them seem to become deposited upon road signs and mail boxes, the speed limit signs seem to attack them the most. This has been well documented and data is available.(See sub note 1) Anyway the escape's get stronger and meaner and they are referred to as "da'h chicken mutates". Anyway it is a know fact that these mutate chickens do not like pigeons or any other fowl and that's enough on the Chicken subject.

Note: A disection and inspection of the purchased sample produced a generic chip that was very similar to the ISD chip series , however it was hard to decipher the Chinese ching chong markings. I don't have anything against ching chong stuff but what the heck, how many symbols do you need anyway, we only use 26 letters and a third of them are useless,   ,   , that could be part of China's problem is that they get confused with their own alphabet, I mean they can't even send E mail, it bombs and locks up their computers.

Sub Note 1: DCR records and compiled data for any selected month are available on request . Processing charge for any individual month is $9.25 including S&H and also included is a post card of the State Capitol or a C5A.
A three month DCR data package is $25.00 and a year package is $60.00.(Note 1)There are no "hidden charges" .Please list your selected month and year when ordering.


Note 1: The year 1993 is a incomplete year, only the Months July through December are available. The months January through June are sketchy at best with only partial data available.


NOTE: Some of the photos are thumbprints and you can klick em to enlarge to get all of da details.
  I decided on simple dowel rod and plywood construction using "off the shelf materials". First and foremost an easy access to the finished project interior had to be available in order to "arm the system" and to perform maintenance and recover beverages, Second the construction had to be rugged in order to survive transport in the back of my M151A1 and to serve as an emergency seat and beverage holder. If the beverages are placed in the cage and you drive about 80 klicks per hour then the stuff stays cool due to natural water evaporation etc. etc. etc.


Before we go any further here are some links to some sites:

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   By the way Pigeons were used in Viet Nam. Here is a letter from the Commanding General of Signal Command,General Ty, it seems that the troops shooting down the birds with rifles and eating them , the letter doesn't exactly say they were eating them but looking at what the zips ate then they probably did eat em. .

  A serial number was attached. Note the snap on clips for the black out curtains. The screw is in place for attaching the straps. Note the intricate attention to detail and the excellent craftsmanship. I did this all by myself with a coping saw and a screw driver.
  More detail of the fine craftsmanship that we are so proud of here in Chicken Land.
  Stencils add a real mil spec look.
  Details of the snap fasteners.
Ralph is asleep.


  Ralph pondering his fate.

  Ralph sneaking out for a night recon of the shop.

  What's this PRC-70 piece of krap doing on my house?



  What push(see glossary) is this thing set on?

  Ralph running amok among the amassed collection of Command Set parts.

  Ralph with arming lanyard, ready for launch.

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