ARR-15/ARC-2 Connector Fabrication

Mission: To fabricate a connector, Why? Because you will never find one for the ARR-15 or the ARC-2, however if you make a couple of these connectors you will probably find a real connector just about the time you put your home made connector to use.

Materials: Cardboard,Lexan,brass tubing, epoxy.


   Make a pattern by pressing a piece of cardboard against the connector and cut to size

    I reinforce some of my connectors with 1/4 inch Lexan. Lexan is easy to saw and will not break.

    With the dimples made you are ready for the drill.

                         Drill holes

     Brass tubing will be used for the pins

               Score the tubing.

          Break off the one inch piece.

Put a smill crimp in each pin for positive contact.

                 A small crimp!

                    Female pins are ready.


                Pins fit in the holes

    Mask off the sides of the connector with tape. Don't forget the tape or you will never get that bad boy out the radio! Coat the radio connector with Vaseline, use a lot or you will be sorry. Assemble the pins and lexan base onto the radio connector.

             Mix and pour in the epoxy

    Prop up the radio and keep it level for an even pour.

                  Remove and trim.

                 Paint it and use it.