The Moose and Squirrel Cold-War Clandestine and Long-Range-Reconnaissance-Patrol Net
              4th Year Anniversary

12:00 Eastern - Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
      60-meters Channel 3 - 5357.0 Kcs USB
                                    N3FRQ      NCS

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    Mission: Set up in the field and check into the Moose and Squirrel Net which was celebrating its 4 year anniversary on 11NOV2014.

   Operational items:

1. Test the PRC-71 on 60 meters with a reworked osc section.                     
2. Test a new half-wave antenna tuner.          
3. Check the AM-556 amplifier on 60 meters when driven by the PRC-71.                    
4. Test the JD-109 sun shade.


               Videos at the bottom of this page.


11 November 2014 - Julian 315, excellent conditions. My operation was in a field using a 87 foot sloping half-wave antenna fed at the end using a home-brew matching unit.

     Radio equipment consisted of a PRC-71 with external audio amplifier and a ME-61 field strength meter and my AM-556 amplifier. The tripod supports the end of the half wave antenna and the JD-109 sun shade. The half wave antenna is stretched from the top of the tripod to the top of a nearby tree. Takes about 10 minutes to erect the half wave antenna as tall support or pole is not necessary    -       just feed it at the end.  KISS

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            My AM-556 and a new half wave antenna tuner. Note the TS-2609A/U Bird thruline watt meter which is not calibrated for 60 meters but is an excellent forward and reverse meter bridge and can still be used for peaking your system as well as checking relative forward vs. reflected power.

              My favorite tool for putting a wire up into the trees.

             My trusty half wave antenna on a chink fishing reel. The twisted "rope cable" is marked at convenient lengths.

              Solder and several twists of thin wire were used to mark the correct lengths.As you spool it out you will detect the correct lengths by feel. The unused portion of the wire remains on the reel. You clip on just before the spool with a single lead to the antenna matching unit.

                                   My compact half wave tuner.

      There was some concern about operations with my AM-556 and the new tuner and fairly high power but no arcs or sparks. Note the meter in the upper corner which monitors "current" into the antenna.

                                  Mission accomplished !
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           The PRC-71, probably the only operational 71 on the East Coast.

               Fairly large files.

      Roll Call by N3FRQ (fairly large file)
      Clip 2
       Clip 3
        Clip 4


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