RCA Mini-Meet 2016                    
       This years mini meet was held in conjunction with the New Jersey Antique Radio Club's flea market. We would like to thank the NJARC and InfoAge for their hospitality. A special thanks to Al Klase, N3FRQ for coordinating the event.

New Jersey Antique Radio Club
                   My After Action Report: A fantastic event. Many thanks to Al and the New Jersey Antique Radio Club and especially InfoAge for allowing us to RON in the Marconi Cottage. We of course spent a lot of time in the NJARC Radio Technology Museum which had many many displays and several which Al N3FRQ had personally crafted. A lot of hands on materiel for visitors - - - - a attentive visit could easily fill up a day. The swap meet was great and our OL was right across from it under shade trees. A 2-6 knot breeze (measured by Pat) was welcome and the breeze had company with several coolers of beverages. Thanks to Bernie , Ole Buzzard Rich, and Al for the cook out and bringing most of the food and drinks. And a special thanks to Pat KC2RNN for letting me break out test equipment and sit down for half and hour and trouble shoot the military field anemometer kit which was all ready working. And a special thanks to Jeff for his foot power on the Charging Set Pedal Driven No2. A special thanks to OBR for bringing "Commo-1" its always nice to see a vehicle with 12 different military radio sets which all worked. So much to see between the different displays and museums but my biggest mistake was waiting till late Saturday to Visit the Military Vehicle Museum as it could easily take a day to to digest it all. A great event which was well organized but with too much to do.

          Please note the next MRCA will be held on 15-17 September 2016 held at Gilbert Pa. This is the annual Fall meet and details can be found at:




              Nothing like getting together with your radio buddies.

               K4CHE APRS enroute data. Chicken Land to Camp Evans.


                    The older buildings of Camp Evans bring back a lot of memories - a lot of the buildings are presently deserted but a good portion of them are being utilized by InfoAge for various museums and work shop areas. Mr. Ray Chase* informed us that "All the buildings have planned uses once they are rehabbed, the destroyed buildings (not ours) were razed a few months before your visit. The remaining building are including in expansion plans for additional projects."

       * Mr. Ray Chase is a Trustee and long time member of the New Jersey Antique Radio Club.



                Camp Evans control tower but no runway. However Mr. Ray Chase provided us with some info.
"The "eight legged tower" was an elevated radar laboratory where WWII and later radar sets could be evaluated and tested. Camp Evans of course was the home of Army Radar and other "secret" projects."


               You have to walk around to really get the feel for the site.

                   Never be late for morning PT formation.


        A lot of military electronic equipment finds its final home at InfoAge. Much better than selling it for scrap. Mr. Ray Chase* informed us that "The radars on the ground are post WWII and Vietnam era and there are several more in storage. Since Radar is my specialty, a radar and Electronic Warfare (EW) museum will be our next major InfoAge project.

        *Ray is a trustee and long time member of the New Jersey Antique Radio Club.



          Note the elevation finder antenna.

               Camp Evans was the site for project Diana.


            We had an excellent OL for the MRCA Mini-Meet. Plenty of shade and right across from the NJARC flea market.           

      Our Mission other than to jack jaw, play with radios, tour the flea market, and visit the many museums was to display military radio equipment and answer questions from visitors. Poster created by N3FRQ.


              Jeff KG2BZ makes a quick call on the Moose and Squirrel Channel.

            MRCA net frequencies can be found here:



                      Al N3FRQ "Mr. Wizzard"

              One of my favorite displays inside the NJARC museum is the Armstrong exhibit created by Al N3FRQ. Many of Al's displays are "Hands On" so I am now awarding the official Nick Name of "Mr. Wizzard".    Mr. Wizzard was my Television hero and had an excellent science show. Every single time I visit the NJARC museum I learn something. Its scary.

Quoting from a Mr. Wizzard web site:        "Mr.Wizard’s trademark ‘Hands-On’ technique of demonstrating science concepts to young people has been the inspiration to many educators who have followed his lead."



           There is a whole section dedicated to Signal Corps equipment. Al has spent a lot of time on these exhibits and others in the NJARC museum. There just was not enough time to see it all.

                  If I remember correctly I was with Al at "Aberdeen" when he picked up this Officers Chest.

             An all time favorite of mine. Starting using one in the Civil Air Patrol before the USAF and Aviation Cadets snagged me.

             A PRC-71 powered by a Clansman hand crank generator.


        I wanted a project , and for my sins, they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service. It was a real choice project, and when it was over . . .


 My project for the Weekend. A British Pedal Driven Generator No.2. The seat was missing but otherwise it was complete and putting out power.


                  The Pedal driven set could be configured several ways.

                  CLICK to enlarge

          N3FRQ's mystery black BC-611.


                    Al checked into the M and S net with this PRC-104.

                 The NJARC flea market was very popular and was located 200 feet away.

   I looked for the "Radio Rat" but he was not there this year.

                   Nice shot of my tripod.

                "If all else fails RTFM."              Emergency Potato chips are on the "Ready".

                 Bicycle makes for good transport at a rally.


                The K4CHE bike is equipped for comm on 51.0. The radio assembly can be removed for use as a "hand held".

      Information on fabricating batteries for the PRT-4 and the PRR-9 can be found:



          Not for tennis but has a lead weight inside for throwing over branches to hoist up an antenna. Don't forget to attach a lanyard before throwing.

          "If all else fails RTFM."

              Nice collection for sale in the flea market.

            Another favorite room in the museum.

                     The HQ table. Emergency potato chips on standby.

                        "If all else fails RTFM."

         Inside Ole Buzzard Rich's "Commo One". Looks like someone picked up a nice Viking II and VFO at the flea market.

        I have never seen a hand crank generator mounted inside a commo van. Rich and Bernie put all this together.


       One of my favorite pieces of Field Equipment. This one modified to increase sensitivity by 30 dB.
              Information on modifying this set can be found at:



            My favorite display. The display receives Associated Press via the Internet and then converts the ASCII to baudot and sends it via a current loop to this machine. Not shown in the photos but visible in the video is the display monitor. Note that the display monitor is a slightly different display. See if you can figure it out.

                   Click here for Teletype video


              "If all else fails RTFM."


                   Our quarters for the RON.

              Short video of the cottage area.


         Bernie W3OWE emerges from the cottage and looks well rested. Ready for the Flea Market and the days MRCA activities.


                 Al N3FRQ told us several times to go visit the Military Vehicle Display but I put it off till late in the afternoon. That was a mistake - just not enough time to see it all.

                    Vehicle museum video clip #1.
                      Vehicle museum clip #2.


         Don't ever call a rifle a gun in front of the Drill Sergeant. Otherwise you will stand at attention holding your "gun".     " This is my rifle - this is my gun - This is for fighting - This is for fun." They don't do this anymore, sad. You take stress breaks now and have time outs and fill out critique forms and drink from water bottles.

                        A nice WWII Jeep display.

                    My radio buddies. Adios amigos C U at Gilbert.
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