PRC-6 Switch Guard






             My trusty PRC-6 alongside "Ole Reliable" my PRC-10.


         A link on constructing a Battery Box for the PRC-6 can be found at the bottom of this page.


          PROBLEM: Everytime I lay the PRC-6 set down with out strapping it in the vehicle I either forget to turn it OFF or the ON/OFF switch gets bumped out of the detent to ON - - Either way the batteries get depleted.



                The BC-611 has a switch guard.


          The Gorilla Tape Special worked but was too hard to apply and remove. Tacky and Messy.


                        Straps with Velcro make it easier.


    Grab a hole saw and a piece of thin Lexan from Lowe's. Use Lexan as Plexiglass is too fragile. Wear Safety Glasses.


                Approximate dimensions can be obtained from this photo.  The graph paper has 5 small squares to an inch.



           Drill a small "starter" hole on each side for the switch "Ears" and then use a coping saw.





                The knob is easy to remove for obtaining the correct outline for the switch "Ears".     




            Prevent fraying the ends of cotton straps by an applications of a small amount of epoxy. When using nylon straps just scorch the edges of the strap ends.



                     Easy ON - Easy OFF



                Rivet the straps to the Lexan.





       Aluminum rivets are easy to use. Size 5/32 X 5/16. Flat head and plain finish. Simple use a hammer.





              Borrow your Copilots sewing machine and sew on the Velcro. Don't attempt to use the Velcro with the sticky tape as it is useless - sew it on.   And if you accidentally try to sew the "sticky tape" velcro with the Copilot's sewing machine you will be sorry.











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