K4CHE M151A1 Static Display Aberdeen 2016


           Early morning set up on Saturday but notice the blank parking spaces - attendance was way down this year. Perhaps a indication that the event is starting to wind down. I attended the very first East Coast Rally held at Summit Airport Delaware courtesy of the DuPont Family and "Kippy" years ago . Little did I know then I later would be flying numerous aircraft out of Summit (N92/KEVY) later for various "employers".











                       Nothing like it - driving a M151A1 at 40-45 MPH on Highway 40.

                             Video en route from Chicken Land to Aberdeen
             These are my personal photos and comments and do not represent any particular group or organization.  


                                                Mark KD3ZK, Zorro K4CHE and Tom N3AJA

          Its a great event nothing like a couple of days of flea market, radioing, and friends - it doesn't get any better than that.





                       Speaking of flea markets where else but Aberdeen can you find a junk box full of AT-1011 stuff.

             We had some light rain Friday morning but that did not deter Jim K1JHM and Larry N1PHV.

                         "Joe Meagher W3KJT?"     " Nope haven't seen him." "He is usually here early for all the good deals."

                            One of my favorite vehicles "Junkyard Dog".

                                           Plenty of vehicles for sale.

           "General" Fantini explains the intricate details of his GRC-106 installation in his M151A1. The vehicle is cleverly hidden from enemy aircraft by the blue tarp.




                       Ray KA3EKH's superb GRC-106 installation.



              "Everything is installed IAW the Tech Order. "    "Any Questions ask my aide."



         While it is raining and we are all honkered down in our vehicles strange things happen on the local push of 51.0.

                                Video PRT-4 PRR-9




                          During the rain we transported a GRC-106 across the tarmac. I mean why carry it.
                                  Video GRC-106 Exciter transport

                                 Video GRC-106 amp transport






                Mark Kd3ZK and Dave KB3ELD always have a nice selection military radio items at their flea market spot. The prices are always very reasonable . . .       And you can stay dry under their tent.


                                      Just a sample of their wares.


                        The ART-13 was priced well below the usual price and a dynamotor was available. Dave has a lot of "stuff".

               Dave K3BLT has several NOS Pogo Stick RF sections for sale. I got one as a "misson" last - even used it to check into the Sunday night MRCA CW net.


              Bernie the "Phantom of Smyrna" inspects a M-2 smoke generator purchase . The smoke generators are kind of neat and contain a pulse jet engine and make an interesting noise. Can be used for mosquito control. You must can't have enough smoke generators.

                           Bernie's Vehicle Radio installation on 51.0.

             Most of these decorations had not been awarded. They were surplus. They should have been distroyed and not sold as surplus. Our Government sometimes does not have any manners.

                    "Joe"   " Nope haven't seen him he probably CNX due to the rain."

                                               TG-34 for $15 bucks

                            A $50 dollar ART-13 sits out in the rain. It had evidence of "visitors" but for parts was worth it.
                                    K4CHE Aberdeen Display 2016

                      Just for fun I set up an Ruski R-326 receiver and the Delco 5300 for visitors to listen to "shortwave".

                               Video K4CHE receiver operations.


                                One of my best visitors to the jeep.

                            The PRC-47 installation used to check into USAF MARS nets. MARS has been good to me. Many phone patches from Vietnam (TAC) and later while I was flying for the Military Airlift Command .  Before Internet. Thank you MARS.

                                      Video PRC-47 Operations.


                         How to lock up an M151A1. Simple.

                                       Improvise - Adapt - Overcome.



             Nothing beats a well balance meal when you are set up in the field.


                     The M*A*S*H signs are always popular with visitors.

                             Never - never - fly over Kamyatka.


                            Need to chock a wheel? Use the cooler. Notice what appears to be an MAB on the ground.



            Ray KA3KEH AKA "General Fantini " tunes up the GRC-106 after setting up his "RDRS" (Rapid Deployment Radio System).

              The "General" takes a break after checking into the Saturday MRCA Moose and Squirrel Net. His signal report from other stations was loud. The GRC-106 ran without a hitch and loaded the double antenna perfect.
                   Video KA3EKH GRC-106 Operations
                                       K4CHE static display Aberdeen 2016
       I ran the R-326 off of 24 volts from the vehicle battery. Inside the R-326 battery compartment is a secret 2.5 volt regulator. The receiver can also be powered from the British generator.


          Ready for the return trip to Chicken Land. Note the new addition of a strobe beacon to enhance visibility during low visibility.

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