Power Tube Plate Cap Repair

.                       Look familiar, grab the soldering iron .


    Clean the plate lead, tin using extra rosin, try the extra rosin, you'll like it.


    I had tried to resolder plate caps before but the lead was always too short coming from the tube,after reading Ludwell Sibley's book "Tube Lore" and reading the "User" section, I realized that you could make a simple dimple in the plate cap, just enough to allow sufficient soldering area for the wire.
         Great with the "dimple" the plate wire sticks through the opening leaving enough to solder to.             

     The dimple is filled with solder.
                      Filaments check good.
     Specs on the tube call for a 4 amp load at 6 volts.
  A plug for a great book but now in scarce supply. I wrote a nice review of the book and it was published in CQ magazine earlier this year.

                       CQ Magazine May 2001, page 54.

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    Another 811 saved and ready for its new mission.