Aberdeen Rally 2015 K4CHE continued  

            "W3KJT"?     "You mean Joe Meagher?"    "He was here very early this morning." "He got all the good stuff."

              Dave Kormanicki - KB3ELD    Mark Weidmayer - KD3ZK


      Dodge Command Cars are my favorite.

           Dropped a lot of these in DZ's.

                             Tom Bryan N3AJA


                   "I wanted a mission, and for my sins, they gave me one. Brought it up to me like room service." When I came back this was on the hood of the M151A1. The RF unit was NOS and still in the box. When you opened the box it had that familiar MFP smell. Immediately plans for projects came to mind back in the Operations Center perhaps check into the OMRN on CW? Build up a audio unit? What about an antenna? Are the tuning units special?




                            Mike Davidson W1AMR

                             Mike found a R-389!
                                    This is a bicycle.
                                  This is a bicycle on Drugs.

                                   Perfect to drive to Wawa for milk.

                        Bargain Table.

                       John Murray had a lot of military vehicle parts for sale. His home base is right here in Chicken Land about 12 klicks away.


                                           Your tax dollars at work. I guess they didn't fit.
                                    k4che vehicle

                       Someone needs to call Terminix  ??

                 Base loading of the AT-1011 antenna covers most of the ham bands. An extra coil is inserted for 160 meters.

              The PRC-70 will load a 6-7 foot whip antenna but 80 meter coverage is touchy. A counter poise of 20-30 feet helps.            




           The standard accessory kit for the PRC-70 shown above. Mess kit optional.


           The small assembly with the push switch above houses a 9 volt battery that is placed in series with the vehicle 24 volt supply to signal the PRC-70 battery box controller to latch to the ON position as the controller needs approx 30 volts. A small micro switch places the battery in series for a 1 or 2 seconds then the battery is removed from the line. Schematic available. k4che



                  The PRT-4/PRR-9 combo can be removed from the "Emergency Transportation Vehicle" and used as a hand held.

                 When the handset clip breaks off and they always do a quick fix can be obtained with a plastic spoon and a piece of "100 mile and hour tape". The spoon must be white.

                                  Emergency chow.


                                                       Frog inspection?


                                          A nice ARR-7.

                           Sender Housen.

                         Why are Navy Receivers so heavy?


                    "Squawk IDENT."                 " Cutty 462 strangle parrot."

                            "Cutty 462 Return to Home Plate"

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