page 5 Friday Afternoon
                   Field Excercise

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                              Objective: Camelback Mountain.



      Zorro mixes some old gear with some fairly new.
          PRC-10 in use.



                         "More Watka"


    The two communications vehicles deploy to different parts of the summit. Brown, W1NZR sets up his rapid deployment antenna system.


       "No Joe, its actually a potato gun."


     K4CHE tries out 3885 Kcs
with short antenna and no radials.

                     Old stuff
      "The new stuff is not any good"
    K4CHE tied the PRC-10 and PRC-6 distance record previously set by Mark, KD3ZK at previous MRCA rallies.

       Equipment and no operators
           Joe makes an adjustment on his MAB.


       John Checks in on 51.0 Mcs.


               "Hello Radio"
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              Nice dual GRC-106 installations by Brown W1NZR
       KK1K   "I don't need no stinkin GRC-106s"
              and KK1K
                          and KK1K
    "Thats it just keep adding elements until your arms get tired."
   KK1K photo

     KW1I had no problems contacting W3PWW
at HQ and also worked other stations on 3885 Kcs.

A Closer look at the "W1NZR portable rapid deployment mast system".
otherwise know as the PRDMS.


                Support bracket mounted on hood.

          Both teams rendezvous later at the Fire
     KW1I photo
    W1NZR says good by to the mountain.
      A view SE towards HQ. It is indeed hard to say good by.

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   KK1K photo    " Lets pack up and go to Studebakers"
     KW1I photo         Joe makes another quick call
to coordinate NVIS antenna testing.
   Dean KK1K and Gene AD3F erect a NVIS antenna at the bottom of the mountain on the way back to HQ.
                    A Motley crew.
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