page 6 Saturday

     Joe a couple of miles away from HQ with some early morning comm.
                     Al takes a minute from his battery pack project
                     to look at a PRT47.

                                        The flea market was packed Saturday.

     Brown, W1NZR carefully watches
          and thinks- "Perhaps I can get one mounted on my truck." behind the PRMDS.

 Master and Commander: Pat, KC2RNN
           prepares to move out.        
       The local 7-Eleven to get some ice.


     Zorro and Brown take a ride.

          Click here for video.     (18 meg file_




       Dale explains the "big picture".


     Breck, K4CHE gave a lengthy discourse on the
building's circuit breaker panel. Later he did
presentation on Military Radio Hints and Kinks with
several examples of the "Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
No quizes were given and the colored quiz cards were not utilized.


   Al, N3FRQ did a presentation.
                              Ray, KA3EKH and Russki radios.    
                  Zorro and the Angry Five display.



    Al's stuff, note that the PRC-47 "parts radio" is missing, I took it.
It is now operational on 5773 after many hours of component level repair of several boards. It was a nice winter project.

5373 (5371.5 dial) is the unoffical guard channel for MRCA.

   Lots of displays in the MVPA area.
                      KA3EKH test drives a truck for sale.
                                     KA3EKH and K4CHE try out some short range comm
from the tank back to HQ.
      KK1K Photo
 Joe a couple of miles away from HQ
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