Fort Miles Operations 2014 Page 2 Saturday  


   Saturday morning my equipment to check into USAF MARS net as well as a later check into the MRCA net at Noon. Equipment is set up on the hood of my 86 Suburban "War Wagon". Shown is a SGC-715 with DDS VFO. Home brew antenna tuner. Base loaded whip with multiple taps and my trusty ME-61 field strength meter.




            Home brew tuner featuring dual input connectors (SO-239 and BNC) on the left, dual output connectors on the right and metering to monitor "output" current via a small toroid pickup coil placed on the lead to the output connectors. A jumper can be used on the output to change configuration from series to parallel. Most of us monitor the input to antenna tuners but never monitor the output. Often tweaking for maximum current on the "output" provides more RF to the antenna. I just generally ignore the input SWR and tune for maximum receiver noise at first and then tweak using actual RF to the antenna.          


           The large red coil in the center has switched taps and also a alligator clip to select additional taps.

     I spotted this BC-1000 and could never find the owner to see if he wanted to trade something.


         The BC-611 plastic copies are very popular and are usually stuffed with an FRS radio.




                                        Preparing for morning formation and inspection.


         Major Roger's checks his notes before addressing the troops early Saturday morning.



                                           "At Ease"




         Nice wall tent. Note the signal mirror.


                                                lock and load


                                                            German APC

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                    The German contingent always has good chow at these events. The cook stove is scary.

                          Getting ready for inspection.




                                  Erste Hilfe


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                              War Correspondent

                                                             Retreat Ceremony

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