An AC Supply for TCS                                   k4che  

     My version of an AC supply. Connectors are the same as on the 20218 AC supply and the 21881 dynamotor supply, all cables are inner changeable



An original USN supply. Photo from Nick's K4NYW site:







          I used an original dynamotor supply chassis that has been stripped.The only
remaining component was a choke.


           My schematic.

                              Schematic PDF file.

                                Handy chart when wiring connectors.

                              Dynamotor supply schematic for reference.

                    PP-380 AC supply

                         Barrier strips help you get organized.

           Don't use "ring" terminals use spades, lot easier to make wiring changes.

           Relay supply.

                     Caps are in series, no equalization resistor are necessary as each cap is still within
its voltage rating. They are mounted on a PC board grooved with a Dremel tool.



           Don't attempt to wire connectors while they are mounted to the chassis.



          Heat shrink tubing.

          Finished chassis.

           Major components with labels.

                              PDF file bottom parts lay out.


           "I love the smell of Black Wrinkle in the morning."



           Stencil with voltages for the final touch.
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