page 7 Saturday Afternoon

                         Brown gets in his early morning excercise.

                                  William Donzelli displays his pre-WWII Navy RG receiver.
                                              National Electric, plug in coils, 1000 to 20,000 Kcs.
                                                              A classic.

        Its very hard to get everyone to stand still for a group picture, this year
         we will take them on all three days so as not to miss anyone.
          John get his loading coil set.

           Nice display by Joe, WA2EJT.


   Dave looks over my BC-654 purchase.               On the Right Ted and Warren look on.

                            Dave gave an excellent talk on the M-209.
                           "A portable, mechanical cipher machine".



     KK1K photo             "Spellbound"


       Interesting items in the flea market.


     KW1I photo  
     Al , N3FRQ fields yet another question from the audience


      Why is this special ops runway light on top of the PRC-47?
                   KA3EKH discovers the schematic.
As usual I bought too much stuff. The shock mount is for a Collins 18S-4.

   Actually this APN-4 loran set was purchased by KA3EKH at Dayton this year for a buck and brought it too me at Gilbert. The set was stripped on the inside but I did not want to waste the chassis and enclosure. The set turned itself into a power supply for an ART-13.

                      Click her for picture of the Power supply.


    Bill Pileggi, KA3AIS, always a happy camper
departs the MRCA late Saturday. He will return.
  Does the shirt look familiar?

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