MRCA Gilbert Meet 2011
                                          (Friday and early Saturday)


     Where does Flory find items for his military attire ? ?
              Note the careful attention   to color coordination.

                    Rob Flory K2WI and Jr Op Martin setting up Friday morning.
                    A perfect accessory found in the flea market.
            Friday morning it is raining , Pete Hamersma - WB2JWU is inside and dry and has finished setting up his display. Ten Meters 29.6 is becoming a popular push for the MRCA.

                         Video: Gilbert Friday morning Rain.
                     Mark Weidmayer, KD3ZK enjoys the traditional MRE. 
                         Martin sets up a "Road Runner" trap.
                         K4CHE and "Emergency Transportation" equipped with
                      PRT-4 and PRR-9 on the MRCA push of 51.0
                The PRT-4 and PRR-9 are mounted on a removable plate. The assembly when removed from the "Emergency Transport" serves as a "hand held"
          standing Bob AB8OP, John K1KHP,
             Rob Flory K2WI and Martin try out Bob Mc Cully's- AB8OP's, M274 Mule.
                      Bob is very generous in sharing a rare vehicle.
                Lets see . . . if I turn the steering wheel the front wheels go right and
the rear wheels go left?
                        Video: Flory rides the mule.
                 Squirt Cheese time. Jeff KG2BZ, Zorro K4CHE,Martin and
Rob K2WI enjoy a tradition.  


                   Ted W3PWW, Pete - WB2JWU, Lou N3OD,Steve KD3HT, do some late Friday night trouble shooting on Lou's PRC-47.

                        Video: "Field Expediency Repair"

           Improvise, Adapt, Overcome . . .
            No late night festivities on Friday, everyone must be worn out from Thursday nights "SLS" event.

                   Video: "Modern" equipment overview.

    Every year at Gilbert I manage to pick up a radio project, I wanted a project, the longer I waited I got softer and searched and waited but found nothing on Thursday which is usually the best flea market day. And then when I came back Thursday evening it was waiting for me, delivered to my spot, just like room service , Jeff KG2BZ and Emido WA2FSX had dropped this off. A Federal Signal Life Boat Emergency Radio for 500 Kcs.
I will miss you Emido.

                Charlie keeps an eye on my display.

                        Video: Where is Everyone?
             My  Old stuff, "the new stuff is not any good".

                Friday night video K4CHE display.

              Video: late Friday night K4CHE display.

                   Saturday Morning 0500 hours , lights on, time for Reveille,
                          Video: time for reveille.


                    Gate entrance early Saturday morning at the meet.

                              Dave KB3ELD is an early riser.
                                Video: Who is Up and Who is in the Rack.

                               Video: Early Risers Dave KB3ELD and his CX-1334's

                  Cranking up the MKT-85 kitchen for morning chow.

                  Video: some collect vehicles, other collect military radios and . . .


                    Early Saturday, Ted W3PWW is up.

                      Video: Old Military Radio Net W4HWT NCS


                   Video: "I love the smell of MFP in the morning"

                      Video: BC-611 receving W4HWT inside the building.
         I prefer replacing the element in the T-17
with a telephone button.

                    FRIDAY MORNING GANG

            Friday Morning: Note the rain gear worn by those who dared to
                 leave the building and venture out into the elements.

            A special NOTE: We are very fortunate to have the building and special thanks to Steve N3NNG for his coordination with the Redball Military Transport Association.


Standing in the rear row: Brown Beezer- W1NZR,Steve Gajkowski -KD3HT, Bob Mc Cully- AB8OP, Bernie Matyniak- W3OWE, Al Klase -N3FRQ, Charlie Di Cecca- KA1GON,Walt Skavinsky KB3SBC ,Justin Wheeler -KA3TIN,Scott Yenser, N3JZE.

Front row: Pete Hammersma - WB2JWU, Dean Gagnon-KK1K,Dale Gagnon KW1I, Pat Lombardi- KC2RNN , Rob Flory-K2WI(and Martin his son) next standing is Ted Young-W3PWW and Zorro-K4CHE

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