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         "The new stuff is not any good"

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                   Click to enlarge.                                    Photo By Max W2HX Junior Op.       
                                   MRCA Group Saturday at Noon.



                               The West End Fair Grounds is a great site. The MRCA meet is held in conjuction with The Red Ball Military Transport Club's Rally and Flea Market.


                            Information on the Rally and Swap Meet can be found at:                     






                   Pat KC2RNN arrives in style Thursday.

                           Joe W3KJT sets up early on Thursday

                            Some of W3KJT's items.

                         Where else but Gilbert could you find NOS J38's still in their box.

                   J38 key with Lionel Trade Mark.




        K4CHE with the Colonel Kurtz haircut wows his audience with the Vertical/Horizontal demonstration. All RF Exposure Guide Lines were carefully followed at all times.



                  KC2RNN arrives early to get that Primo spot in the Howell building.




                            Bernie and Joe do a little trading.


             Bob AB8OP is ready for action after off loading his M274 "Mule" equipped with a PRC-77.

                                         The Amish Chapter display table. "You can't have enough radios".






       Lunch time at the K4CHE display table.
                       Pat KC2RNN prepares his APC.

               If he sees his shadow he will go back in for another six weeks.

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                      K4CHE and KC2RNN

                  Interior of KC2RNN's APC



              Lots of telephone stuff in the "Red Ball" flea market.


                  Al N3FRQ does a test on his radio prior to Field Operations.




                        KK1K display

                   A new MRCA event. A Frequency Measuring Contest using older heterodyne frequency meters.




            Its always interesting to see what powers the sets.

            "You can't have enough Radios".    W2HX display



         The famous "Electric Radio" author Joe Long WA2EJT sets up. "You can't have enough radios".



                   Joe's BC-222.         Beautiful working display.




            Pete's WA3EJT working display with instructions on using a Frequency Meter.


                                             WA3EJT Placard.


                   The transmitter used for the FMT. Note that the "Secret"crystal has been cleverly masked with tape.






          Warren Harding K1BOX has documentation on every WWII and Korean War set.


    The famous collector Jack Antonio WA7DIA had this display. Jack tied with Joe for best overall display.






                                 Jack's superb panel.


                                                Part of the K4CHE display.



                 Everyone needs a hobby.


                               Lou KD3BS and Gene AD3F supervise Dale KW1I at the main HQ station.


                                        Friday night, we got into the W3LP cake.



                  K4CHE table with the PRC-41 that had a sticking TR relay. "Just leave it out of the box and tap the relay when you transmit".      UHF 224.9 Mc is becoming popular at the Gilbert meet.


               Horizontal or vertical?      Demo given many times.

                   FS Meter using a #47 bulb. Extend the wires out to make a dipole antenna.

         Use a #47 bulb and attach two wires. Each one a quarter wave long. Hold it near the antenna. Rotate to determine polarization. Observe RF Exposure Guide Lines.

     You can make one for 2 meters and then fold the wires back to shorten the length for the higher bands. Adjust length for best performance.


                         N3FRQ's space.            Busy . . .
                                                     Click here for N3FRQ video.
                             K4CHE URC-4 Pack.

                     URC-4s are popular at the meet.     Frequency 144.250


              It easy to stuff the BA 1315 case. Dollar store batteries


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