WS-19 Carrier Set Mount  
Installation instruction from a User Handbook manual provided by "Keith Watt RN (Ret.) MRCN" See link below.

The WS-19 Vehicle Shock Mount AKA Carrier set NO. 21 is a very robust unit. The unit shown here allows the power supply to be mounted on the side. The radio and power supply units fit in the brackets and are strapped in via large canvas straps. Simple but rugged and easy to manufacture.

               Top view




     This view shows the power supply "L" brackets and the main carrier ground strap





  At first it appeared that the "L" brackets were spot welded to the main frame.

   A little closer inspection reveals that the main frame was tapped and machine screws were used to secure the brackets. Why tap instead of weld? One answer is because the canvas straps have to be inserted in between the brackets

Typical canvas strap, mine is a little lighter because I had to soak in Clorox to get rid of the mildew smell. The brackets were removed in order to feed the straps with their hardware in between the mounts.

    Just enough room for the straps


      Typical shock absorbing brackets.

I measure the thickness of the steel and came up with .125 to .130 inches which places it in the US Gage of NO.11 or very close to the British Imperial Wire standard of NO.10.

Where were the carriers manufactured? Don't know, maybe it was Lima Ohio because I got this carrier from from Fair Radio!


Keith Watt, Wireless collector
G4MSF Vintage Radio Collection

Fair Radio

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