The 524 is tuned to 51.0 Mcs ***and the 442 is on the backup "push" of 51.1




  The Grimes cockpit light is ready for night ops. A BC-611 is on the floor,ready for the 3885 net.

*** Megaherzskies are not recognized on this site, only real radio terms are used.  

       I told you, I like the PRC-47




  The NVIS antenna kit and the tow rope may come in handy. Thanks for the kit Jeff.


The PRC-2500 installed in lockable mount. Don't ask about the mount.


   The PSP is for emergency extraction's






   Lost at Aberdeen. The comm equipment has not been set up yet --- too busy. . .
busy looking for stuff.

   PRC-70 on top of the field table constructed of "PSP" and a couple of sandbags.

Right side view of the antenna mounts. On the left is the MX-670/VRC which is remote controlled and on the right is the Shakespeare mount for the AT-1011U system. Eleven four foot sections go on top! Shakespeare calls it the "Rigidized Spring Base".          See the link below.

On the left side the AB-1371/G easily stows. The knob on the 1371 locks the antenna in place. The antenna with the bright metal finish is a Motorola VHF AT-10G37/C

    The accessory bag for the PRC-47 is mounted via the bolt receptacles on top of the unit.

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Shakespeare Antennas