I had acquired two TCS transmitters several years ago at Dayton to start my TCS collection, several years later I decided to build a wooden shelf to house my future TCS collection and in the mean time I waited for a receiver. I built the shelf to house two sets and with a removable divider.


      The gray table (USAF Surplus) and the TCS equipment next to the RBJ rack.

      The famous military radio collector and world traveler  Edward Zeranski KG6UTS looks over my latest hamfest TCS purchases .(picture taken several years ago) In the back ground is the beginning of my "Flak Bait" display.
                              K4CHE                                KG6UTS


         My mission was to fill the empty space in the "box", I waited and searched for equipment and then it was delivered to me just like "room service", Jeff Ciccone dropped off a spare set which was the result of a Dayton purchase, it seems that he acquired a nice Collins set at Dayton from Jim Karlow with matching serial numbers etc. and so Jeff presented me with his "Hamilton" TCS-13 set. And then two weeks later a local ham called and said he had a "Gray Receiver" that looked military and did I want it. I said yes not knowing what it was and it turned out to be a gray, refurbished TCS receiver. Data tag below.
       So- - - - then I did not have enough room in the box shelf enclosure and decided to shorten the length and put Jeff's Hamilton TCS-13 inside then stack other TCS set on the side. Ray KA3EKH furnished the stacking brackets.

     Shown left to right:
CIH-46159A Receiver-TCS-13, Hamilton Serial 2096,Contract NXsr-48389
CIH-52245-A Transmitter-TCS-13, Hamilton Serial 2027,Contract NXsr-48389
CWS-46159, no serial or manufacture, see below.
COL-52245 Transmitter,Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Restored, TCS-9 Serial R.S. 2204
Contract NXss-22268
CWS-46159,Receiver-TCS-7,Stewart Warner Serial 853, Contract NXss-18851
CML-47207,Antenna Loading Coil, Air King Products Co, Serial 118
CIH-21881-B, Power Supply,TCS-13, Hamilton, Serial 118, Contract NXss-48389



              The "Box" has been modified.


           Be prepared to troubleshoot this older equipment. Notice the enlarged wiring diagram. Photo taken before the "box" was changed.
        Night operations during the CX contest.
      The "Gray Receiver" with a strange data tag.

"Breck, looked at your TCS pictures on the web, the "strange" tag on the TCS is what I call a depot tag, I don't know what the correct terminology is, but it is a replacement tag. Hence the blank spaces for filling in data like the SN, etc. . . I have seen a bunch of these from the Army, some with pre-stamped Serial numbers that included the depot abbreviation in the SN. My best guess anyway." Steven Haney Haney Electronic Company 8012 County Road 1009 Godley, TX 76044-3688


          Data plate of the "Gray Receiver".

         Arrow points to mike jack adapter.

                Mike plug adapter for CW.

              One of my favorite power supplies is a Motorola T-1012A supply often used for two way radio service(back when you could fix the radios) the supply provides a hefty 14 volts for the TCS station and easily handles the surge current caused by the dynamotors. I modified the voltage switch so that the 28 volt side could not be selected.   -    - ,    28 volts makes the dynamotors spin a little fast. Mounted on rollers and is stored underneath the TCS desk.
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