Mini-Meet 2009
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             After the flea market was closed we moved across
             the street.

                             Video of the Army Area

                         Always clear your weapon.
                           My lunch.
            Nice exhibit inside the NJARC museum.
                            Flory and company take it easy while Al sets up the shelter.

                                       Are you done Al?


  Transient Quarters for the night.


                          View from the back yard of the cottage.
   Dymaxion Deployment Unit, many of these were erected
   during the War.
  Standard light tower for an airport but no runway?
                 Martin go see if Al has finished with the shelter.
                         Al ponders our official vehicle.
                                         Rob takes a turn on the ARC-1
                       Al checks his PRC-104.

    My favorite exhibit in the InfoAge museum, part of
Ray Chase's collection.

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