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                                                              A special Thank you to Red Ball.




                                              Lou's genuine U.S. Army Pup Tent.



                                                 Dean KK1K uses a URC-4 on 144.250.

Dean came in first place in the Friday night hidden transmitter hunt. Actually he found it twice.    Sorry about that Dean.


                The small hidden transmitter is on 3.885 Kcs. The carrier pulses on and off continuously. The CW ID is intermittent. Dean KK1K used "Peak and Fade" to find the unit last year in a short time. Peak and Fade was used extensively during SAR, time consuming but it allows you to find a downed pilot when you do not have DF gear on board.
                     1. Its simple walk- - in a direction and if the signal get stronger keep walking.
                     2. If the signal gets stronger attenuate the signal by collapsing the antenna or                          changing it.
                     3. Back pack sets that are frequency agile can tune 2 or 3 Kcs off of the frequency
                         to create attenuation.
                     4. Often just grounding the antenna with your hand will provide plenty of                          attenuation.
                     5. If the signal gets so strong you can not attenuate it, then you are there. LOOK                                AROUND


                     Click here to see a short "Instructive Training Film" . "Close in DF Techniques".        

                   NOTE: This years hunt will be Friday evening. A genuine military "display" accessory will be awarded to the first person to find the transmitter. Some of you chickened out last year because you did not like the dark? or did not want to leave the comforts of the Howell building.  


                         Time for a midnight snack. Walt KB3SBC and Justin KA3TIN.



                                  This would repair those torn canvas radio bags with dispatch.


                   At the rate this country is going we will not need the NRA hats and we will need         more hats with the Red Stars.

                                                     I was tempted to purchase the gen set.
        Kinda pricey $7000 but in great condition. I used to drop these things(Mules) via extraction chutes and watch em bust up when they hit the ground.

                     This country is running out of heroes at an alarming rate. We have plenty of Rap Stars and Tree Huggers but no heroes.

                 Some of you will remember the nick name for the heavy coat, it was called the "Horse Blanket" and was utilized by the Army and the Air Force and finally taken out of  service in the 1970's.

                                         " Life is tough, it's tougher if you're stupid".


                                                        Flory K2WI missed this one.

                                      Plenty of gear for sale.

                                                               Mark (KD3ZK)meals.

             "No body told me about the bugs"      "First a broken nail and now bugs"

                                  Just in case you ran out of money in the flea market.


                                             Indian bikes an American Tradition.

                      Not really made for the PRC-25 or 77 but works, Bob has one on his Mule.


                                                     Joe W3KJT

                    Why the frown Joe ?? You found "The Mother Lode". in the flea market.       

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