MRCA Gilbert    Rally 2012


            The 2013 rally is scheduled for September 20 and 21.

                            But . . . Questions - - - - -




      The big question is will Lombardi trailer in his APC?  
              Will he take his General License Test before Gilbert?                   



                   Q. Will the RETRO Rocket power supply make its appearance?


                                Q. Will we have visitors from foreign lands?

             Q. Will there be early morning maintenance on equipment
                  by personnel with questionable skills?

         Q. But perhaps on site maintenance will be accomplished at a civilized hour and in a skillful manner?

                              Q. Will there be even more antennas on Johns truck?  
              But the most important question is:
                              Will John play the piano at the Pizza place?

           Q.  Will on site emergency battery packs be constructed with genuine
                        duct tape and  "Dollar Store" batteries.

          Q. Will there be strange and exotic radios on display - - will they be functional?

                                  Q. Will the SLS induct new members?

            Q. Will there be a field exercise for older, low powered equipment?    CW?  Maybe even a hand crank generator will appear again or will it all be new stuff?

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